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2021-2022 IPS Program Awardees

Institution Project Title
University of Pennsylvania Impact Japan
Swarthmore College A Faculty Position in Japanese Studies at Swarthmore College
The University of Texas at Austin DH Japan/JapanLab: Reimagining Japanese Studies for a Pandemic and Post-Pandemic World

Grantee University of Pennsylvania
Project TitleImpact Japan
Grant Period2021/07/01-2025/06/30
Outline Impact Japan will revitalize Japanese Studies at the University of Pennsylvania, Greater Philadelphia and beyond. The key component of this project is a new junior hire in the Department of History and Sociology of Science, who will bring social science coverage of Japan to undergraduates studying health and technology. In addition, this grant supports the addition of one new social science course on Japan each year, visiting fellows from Japan, guest speakers, film screenings, an international symposium and workshop, and the creation of critical Japanese-language pedagogy classroom materials. Building on the success of a prior Institutional Project Support – Small (IPS-Small) grant, this project will continue to strengthen ties with Japan-related organizations in the Greater Philadelphia area.
Projects Search for and hire of a new faculty member (social science)
International Symposium and Workshop
Visiting Fellows from Japan
Various program expansion activities (social science course and colloquium, film screenings, teaching materials for critical Japanese-language pedagogy)
Grantee Swarthmore College
Project TitleA Faculty Position in Japanese Studies at Swarthmore College
Grant Period2021/7/1-2024/6/30
Outline This grant will support a Visiting Assistant Professor of Japanese for three years to help grow the Japanese Section and meet the demand for Japanese language instruction among undergraduate students. The preference will be specialization in Japanese sociolinguistics, to leverage strong student interest in linguistics, Japanese culture, and language learning. The near-term goal will be to convert this position into a tenure-line position in Japanese Studies. The additional faculty hire will provide more stability to the department, increase course offerings to grow majors and minors, and provide more faculty time available for responsibilities such as offering advanced seminars and advising students on honors thesis projects for honors majors and minors.
Projects Search for and hire of a new visiting Japanese Studies professor
Travel support for professor
Grantee The University of Texas at Austin
Project TitleDH Japan/JapanLab: Reimagining Japanese Studies for a Pandemic and Post-Pandemic World
Grant Period2022/3/1-2025/2/28
Outline DH Japan/JapanLab will prepare undergraduate and graduate students for an altered employment landscape by integrating digital dexterities across different aspects of the Japanese Studies curriculum. This grant supports the creation of a specialized space, JapanLab, where students will develop a wide array of digital resources with a focus on fully functional educational video games built around topics in Japanese history, language and literature. It seeks to recruit and train two external postdoctoral fellows, who will emerge from the experience with new skills as they work closely with JapanLab faculty and students. Finally, building on a successful pilot program, DH Japan/JapanLab will generate a steady stream of Japan-focused educational video games and other Digital Humanities (DH) content that can be used in classrooms across the world.
Projects Search for and hire of postdoctoral fellows
Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships
Curriculum Expansion
Workshops on campus
Various program expansion activities (Games and Digital Projects internships)

* Project Cost Totals and JF Grant Totals are estimated at the time of The Japan Foundation’s initial award. The actual figures may change throughout the course of the project’s implementation.

Please note that, due to the global spread of COVID-19, The Japan Foundation, New York cannot support international travel between the U.S. and Japan if certain travel restrictions are in place.