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American Advisory Committee (AAC)

The AAC is comprised of distinguished scholars from various cultural and educational institutions across the United States.

The AAC screens the following programs:

  • Research Fellowship (Long-Term)
  • Research Fellowship (Short-Term)
  • Doctoral Fellowship
  • Institutional Project Support Program (IPS) Grant Program
  • Institutional Project Support – Small (IPS-Small) Grant Program

Awards are made on the basis of scholarly and professional quality, the project’s contribution to a better understanding of Japanese culture, arts, language, and society, and the project’s potential to stimulate cultural relations between Japan and the world.

Based on the recommendations of the AAC, the final selection of grantees is made by The Japan Foundation Tokyo Headquarters. Applicants are notified of the results in April.


as of October 2023

Prof. Nobuko AdachiIllinois State University
Prof. Lee BranstetterCarnegie Mellon University
Prof. Julie Nelson DavisUniversity of Pennsylvania
Prof. Alisa FreedmanUniversity of Oregon
Prof. Andrew GordonHarvard University
Prof. Eiko IkegamiThe New School
Prof. Kaoru IokibeUniversity of Tokyo
Prof. Saori KatadaUniversity of Southern California
Prof. Levi McLaughlinNorth Carolina State University
Prof. Karen NakamuraUniversity of California, Berkeley
Prof. Robert J. PekkanenUniversity of Washington
Prof. Morgan PitelkaUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Prof. Doug SlaymakerUniversity of Kentucky
Prof. Kären WigenStanford University
Prof. Satomi YamamotoWaseda University