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To encourage international cultural exchange, the Japan Foundation has various types of support programs. By making available the tools, opportunities, and venues that facilitate exchange activities, we invite individuals and organizations, actively engaged in such a mission, to participate in our programs.

Disclosure of Information

Details of projects supported by the Japan Foundation (e.g. name of the applicant and project description) will be made public in the Kokusai Koryu Kikin Jigyo Jisseki (Detailed Annual Reports of the Japan Foundation Activities) on the Japan Foundation’s website and in other public relations materials.

When a request for information based on the Law Concerning the Disclosure of Information Held by Independent Administrative Institutions, etc. (Law No. 140 of December 5, 2001) is received, materials such as submitted application forms will be disclosed (unless stipulated by law as not to be disclosed).

Protection of Personal Information

In accordance with the Law Concerning Access to Personal Information Held by Independent Administrative Institutions (Law No. 59 of 2003), the Japan Foundation handles personal information appropriately.

There may be cases in which the Japan Foundation uses personal information to inform grantees of other Japan Foundation activities or to send them some public-relations materials, as well as for screening, implementation, and evaluation procedures of projects. Personal information such as a grantee’s name, project title, and affiliation is also carried in the Detailed Annual Report of the Japan Foundation Activities, the Annual Report, on the Japan Foundation’s website, and other public-relations materials. Personal information is also used in compiling statistics carried in the Annual Report. For details regarding the use of personal information in each program, please refer to each program’s Application Instructions.