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RFP: Exploration of Critical Issues Emanating from Japan’s March 11th Disasters


Proposal deadline Closed.
Funding opportunityInstitutional funding for U.S. organizations with 501(c)(3) status.
BenefitsUp to $100,000 for up to 3 years

This program supported US-Japan collaboration on solutions to issues faced by Japan after the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Applications were accepted in 2011; after 2011, proposals for projects with this theme were accepted in “CGP Grant Program: Intellectual Exchange”.

Potential Project Ideas:

  • Global economic viability in the face of disasters and local revitalization efforts
  • Civil-Military cooperation and coordination both in a national and international context
  • Civil society resilience and governance
  • Psychological impact and recovery
  • Archiving and documenting disaster-related materials for future research
  • Exchange programs focused on seeking solutions to pre- and post-disaster challenges
  • Energy issues and environmental concerns


Projects are required to have the following elements:

  • Japan-based collaborative partner
  • Social Science Projects
  • Current topics that are policy-relevant to both the United States and Japan, and the broader global context;
  • Clear and concrete designs that articulate the ideas, participants, and goals of the project;
  • Ideas and/or participants that include a broad spectrum of viewpoints;
  • Public event(s), such as a symposium, conference, or workshop – a minimum of one;
  • Budget wherein a minimum of 20% of the total project budget is secured from non-CGP sources such as the applying institution or other foundations;
  • Tangible project outcomes such as a publication;
  • Dissemination plan which includes the target audience(s), method of dissemination, and materials to be produced and distributed;
  • Projects must start before March 31, 2012

Please contact the CGP office for the full guidelines for this initiative prior to starting the application

There is a two step process:

  1. Concept Papers: 2-3 pages minimum should be submitted via e-mail to CGP for consideration as early as possible, but no later than September 1, 2011. If successful at this stage, applicants will be invited to submit a Full Proposal.
  2. Invited Full Proposals: for those applicants invited to submit full proposals, proposal applications must be received by CGPNY no later than November 1, 2011. Only hard copies are acceptable; we are unable to accept applications via e-mail at this time.

List of Awardees