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RFP: Exploration of Critical Issues Emanating from Japan’s March 11th Disasters Grantees 2011

East-West Center, Honolulu, HI
Disaster Management and Resiliency in the Asia Pacific: Journalism Fellowship
Project Director: Elizabeth Dorn, Seminar Specialist
This fellowship project will bring together 12 journalists representing print, broadcast and online journalism from Japan, the United States, and Asia for a 12-day study tour of the United States and Japan. During this 2-week program, participants will be exploring a broad range of disaster management and post-disaster issues including but not limited to political, economic, and energy resiliency issues. Through a series of meetings, roundtable discussions, and field visits, the group will meet government officials, corporate executives, scientists, academics, journalists, environmentalists and other stakeholders. The intent of the programming is to increase public awareness, develop international perspectives from the points-of-view on the many countries represented, develope insights into how countries can cooperate, develop reliable professional and personal information networks, as well as foster depth and balance in future media coverage.

Harvard University, Cambridge, MA 
Japan Disaster Digital Archive
Project Director: Andrew Gordon, Director, Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies
Through this project and in the wake of the events of March 2011 in Japan, organizers intend to collect, preserve, and make broadly accessible the digital forms of first-hand information and primary documentation created about the disasters, efforts as recovery and the rebuilding of communities. In addition, the mere process of collecting these digital materials should provide an opportunity to devise innovative mechanism to use this record for reflection, teaching, research, and policy. Materials in the archives will include amongst others: websites for local and national government as well as NGOs and relief organizations; individual blogs and personal testimonies including photos, videos, and audio of on-the-scene accounts of the events and the immediate aftermath; and maps with social and economic data. Currently the archive has materials in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean.

University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
Natural Energy for Comfort in Buildings
Project Director: Dana Buntrock, Associate Professor, Department of Architecture
In this Berkeley workshop, researchers, professionals, and policy makers will explore current and emerging theories, cutting-edge software, and technologies related to conservation of energy usage and innovation in the built environment.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Woods Hole, MA
Exploring the Impacts of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Accidents on the Ocean
Project Director: Ken Buesseler, Senior Scientist
The participants of this project will explore the impacts of the 2011 Fukushima nuclear power plants accidents on the ocean and inform the public and policy makers of scientific findings in this regard. The project includes a 2-day scientific symposium along with two public symposia ? one in Japan the other in the US. As a project outcome, a special issue of Oceanus magazine dedicated to the themes of these symposia will be produced in both English and Japanese.