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Intellectual Exchange Discretionary Grants 2012

International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) – Washington, DC
Forum for Arctic Climate Change and Security – workshop on military and paramilitary collaboration in the Arctic
Project Director: Christian Le Mière, Senior Research Fellow for Naval Forces & Maritime Security
This grant supports a two day conference in Washington DC among Arctic states and actors.  The goal is to bolster and expand Arctic dialogue through workshops and publications that will allow policymakers, academics, NGOs, and industry representatives to discuss the implications of environmental change and the potential for greater cooperation in the Arctic.  The Forum aims to include near-Arctic states, particularly in Asia. 

San Diego State University (SDSU) – San Diego, CA
Japan – US Roundtable on Disability Policy
Project Director: Nan Zhang-Hampton, Associate Professor
This grant supports a roundtable to initiate the exchange of information and knowledge between disability experts and professionals from Japan and the US. The goal is to increase the understanding of disability policies and its implications for persons with disabilities in the two countries.