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Grassroots Exchange Discretionary Grants 2015

University of Washington Seattle, WA   
Socially Engaged Art in Japan: Questions for Contemporary Practice and Policy  
Project Director: Justin Jesty   
This project is to support a first ever 3-day symposium that will bring researchers, academics, curators and various members from different disciplines from the U.S. and Japan to form discussions and dialogue on socially engaged art.The symposium aims to development connections and a network between Japanese and American practitioners as well as to expose Japanese practitioners to this field.

Japan America Society of Tennessee Nashville, TN    
Second Annual Women’s Leadership Forum and Networking Luncheon
Project Director: Ginger Byrn   
The Japan America Society of Tennessee will be holding its second annual women’s luncheon, which aims to strengthen women’s networks and encourage participation of women in leadership roles in the U.S. and Japan. The speakers and moderator will feature distinguished women of elected political leaders and held at the Cheekwood Botanical Garden.  

Boston City Singers Boston, MA  
Children’s Songs in Transitions and Arrangements for English-Speaking Children’s Choirs 
Project Director: Jane Money 
Boston City Singers will both produce and perform arrangements of well-known Japanese children’s songs that will be premiered during the Spring concert of the Cambridge Children’s Chorus. The arrangements wil lf feature English translations of original Japanese songs and aims to introduce English-speaking singers to these songs as well as Japanese culture and stories.    

Global Kids  New York, NY    
Global Kids Youth Ambassador Program
Project Director: Janice Holzman   
This project is to support a program that brings groups of American and Japanese youth together, both from disadvantaged and underserved communities, to explore each other’s society and culture, create networks for communication. A highlight of the program will be a 2-week service learning trip to Japan for 22 US students, where they will engage in peer education and discuss current issues that directly affect them. The expected outcomes include educating youth on Japanese and American issues that affect them today, as well as equipping participants with leadership skills.

National Association of Japan-America Societies Washington, DC    
AJS/JAS Integration Symposium
Project Director: Makiko Murotani    
The National Association of Japan-America Societies ( NAJAS) for this project aim to bring the members of its Japanese counterpart, the America-Japan Society, to attend the International Symposium/NAJAS Annual Conference, held in Atlanta in October. The expected outcomes include the building of stronger institutional connections as well as creating greater awareness of common issues the societies face both in US and Japan.