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Education Grantees 2007

Alverno College. Milwaukee, WI
Teaching Japanese Arts, Culture and Society: An AGENTS Workshop for K-12 Teachers
Project Director: Dr. Dimitri Lazo
A project to conduct a K-12 one-day seminar with multiple workshop sessions that will provide a basic introduction and a foundation for integrating Japanese art and culture into the classroom for K-12 educators.   Using noted keynote speakers and experienced facilitators, the workshop will assist teachers in integrating Japan art, culture, literature and religion into their existing curriculum to help improve global awareness.
Amarillo Museum of Art. Amarillo, TX
Japan Culture Case and Teacher Development Days
Project Director: Mr. Jacob Breeden
A project to develop a Japanese Culture Case containing mock artifacts, examples of art, maps, sample tools, and other culturally specific objects for students to touch and examine.  The project will include a Texas Essential Skills and Knowledge (TEKS) aligned lecture targeting Japanese culture and incorporating audio and video elements.
Animazement 2007. Wilmington, DE
Japan Forum 
Project Director: Yoshimi Yamagata Aoyagi
A project to promote cultural exchange for junior high school students, high school students and their parents.  The forum will include Japanese language and cultural panels in addition to a focus on Japanese anime and manga.

Art Museum of Western Virginia. Roanoke, VA
Cultural Retention in the Web of History: Using Japanese Art to Explore the effects of Globalization on Japanese Society 1850-2007
Project Director: Ms. Georganne C. Bingham
A project to conduct a Regional Teacher Workshop that would cover both the use of fine arts to enhance and augment core content instruction and allow teachers to explore various national and state history standards of learning topic areas not normally accessible to the Museum.
Bethany College. Bethany, WV
Bethany College Japan Outreach in K-12 Schools 2007 Fall Special Artist in Residence Program
Project Director: Ms. Michiko Oda
A project to promote the Bethany College Japan Outreach in K-12 Schools.  The project is designed to increase  students’ knowledge of Japan through Taiko performance, storytelling, origami, calligraphy, Japanese music and Japanese language workshops.

Black Mountain Center for the Arts. Black Mountain, NC
Art in Bloom
Project Director: Gale L. Jackson
A project to create an arts event that blends visual art and floral design including Ikebana.  The project is also a celebration of the Japanese aesthetic via a special gallery exhibit and a variety of cultural events at the Black Mountain Center for the Arts and in public schools in the local district.  Many local and regional Japanese-American residents will participate as artists, demonstrators and performers.
Cincinnati Art Museum. Cincinnati, OH
Asian Art Teacher Institute and Curriculum Guides
Project Director: Ms. Genevieve Richardson
A project to develop and disseminate methods for teaching with the Cincinnati Art Museum’s Asian art collection.  The project will increase use of the museum’s collection with the ultimate aim of creating rich and exciting learning experiences in Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky classrooms.
Clara Barton Open School. Minneapolis, MN
Finding Harmony in Japanese Culture and Art
Project Director: Ms. Lisa Lange
A project where students work with Japanese and Japanese-American artists to study the culture of Japan.  Includes field trips, presentations and classes throughout the year as well as students’ creating their own visual artwork based on their new knowledge.
Gifford Street High School. Elgin, IL
Adorned with Beauty, Grace and Endurance: Japan 2007
Project Director: Ms. Teena Bolton
A project to teach Peace Education through teaching students about Hiroshima.  Students will read the book “Hiroshima” by John Hersey, and will do research projects to learn about peace education.  In addition, a veteran of WWII will come to the school to talk to the students about his experiences.
Halifax County Public Schools. Halifax, VA
Japanese Taiko and Culture Capsule Project
Project Director: Ms. Kazuko Yamasaki
A project to increase awareness and enhance knowledge of Japanese culture among students in grades K-12, faculty and the community.  The Capsule Project is a multifaceted endeavor that encompasses Taiko performances and lectures, Japanese exhibitions and hands-on materials, and Community Outreach Programs.
Iowa Public Television/Iowa Public Broadcasting Board. 
Enhanced Connections with Japan for Iowa Students
Project Director: Ms. Trista Peitzman
A project to develop an educational event about the culture of Japan that will be distributed via Internet video primarily for use by 3 – 8 grade classrooms throughout Iowa.  The event will also be accessible in other Midwestern and Southern states and beyond.
Japan America Society of Minnesota. Minneapolis, MN
Minnesota Bon Odori Project, 2007
Project Director: Mr. J. Bernard van Lierop
A project that brings traditional Japanese folk dance with a Minnesota theme to K-12 schools as a program of dance, music and vocal accompaniment.   The program will enable the Japan America Society of Minnesota to introduce a traditional Japanese dance form and provide an opportunity for students to participate by learning the dance during the performance.
Madison Cross Roads School. Toney, AL
School-wide  Project: A Passport to the World, 3rd Grade Component: A Journey to Japan
Project Director: Mrs. Haley James
A project where 200 students will take part in monthly thematic units centering on various aspects of cultural studies including geography, language, rituals and beliefs, currency, government, clothing, food and daily life.  Throughout the year students will also engage in experiential learning activities, including Japan In A Suitcase, field trips to a local Japanese restaurant, and lessons on traditional Japanese Art.
Mount Vernon Community School. Alexandria, VA
Tumble, Touch and Taste: Japan
Project Director: Ms. Laura Dove
A project to conduct an interactive class where 60 students will explore the geography, people and culture of Japan and then play a leadership role in a school-wide “Asian Pacific Heritage Night.”  Teachers at Mount Vernon Community School will receive training and supplies to continue to offer a class in Japanese culture each year.
Riverwood High School. Atlanta, GA
Riverwood Japanese Culture Festival
Project Director: Mr. Nico Moorman
A cultural festival introducing the language and culture of Japan to a local community.  Events include kimono, origami, sushi rolling, karate and karaoke.

The University of Akron. Akron, OH
Building Cultural Bridges
Project Director: Ms. Huey-li LI
An interactive workshop that aims to create a learning community for in-service teachers and museum educators to raise their awareness of Japanese culture by participating in cross-cultural dialogues with a group of Japanese Americans who are committed to building cultural bridges between Japan and the U.S.  Teachers and educators will acquire and advance their cross-cultural knowledge in order to develop effective pedagogical actions and curriculum reforms in a culturally diverse society.
The Westcott House Foundation. Springfield, OH
Project Director: Ms. Jenny Montgomery
A concert experience integrating contemporary Japanese-American music and art in an immersive multi-media installation.  The event features the abstract paintings of a Japanese artist, the art rock music of a contemporary band from Kyoto, animated video installations and a multi-media group from Seattle.