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Abe Fellowship Program 2016-2017

Adam Liff
Indiana University at Bloomington
“Japan and the Evolution of Washington’s Post-Cold War Asia-Pacific Strategy”

Charles Mooney, Jr.
University of Pennsylvania
“Japanese Markets for Private Business Credit: Prospects for Modernizing Japanese Secured Transactions Law”

Hirofumi Uchida
Kobe University
“Research on Startup Finance in the US”

Kohei Watanabe
Teikyo University
“Food Waste in Japan, US, and Europe – Detailed Grasp of the Magnitude, and Analyses on the Formation of Awareness”

Kunio Nishikawa
 Ibaraki University
“The Future Direction of Japan’s Rice Farming Industry under the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Regime: An Approach From

Kyunghee Lee
Michigan State University
“Comparative Analysis of the Effects of Poverty on Children’s Developmental Outcomes: Japan and the US”

Nicole Darnall
Arizona State University. 
“Sustainable Public Procurement in Japanese Local Governments: A Multicity and US Cross-comparative Analysis”

Ryoko Yamamoto
State University of New York Old Westbury
“Global Talents on the Local Job Markets: Academic Globalization and Post-Graduation Decision-Makings Among International
Students in Japan and the United States”

Seitetsu Lee
Harvard University
“Enforcing the Health System for the Pandemic of Heart Failure in East Asia ? A Comparison between Korea and Japan” 

Shinsuke Tanaka
Tufts University
“Clearing the Air: Comparing and Evaluating Environmental Policies in the Automobile Industry in Japan and the United