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Abe Fellowship Program 2014-2015

Kaori Hayashi    
Professor, Interfaculty Initiative in
Information Studies    
University of Tokyo    
“Reconfiguring the Role of Professional
Journalism: A Comparative Study of Media’s Public Rationale in the US and Japan
in the Digital Age”

Shinsuke Ikeda  
Professor, Institute of Social and Economic
University of Osaka
“Self-Control and Consumer Behaviors Under
Depletable Willpower: Theory and International Evidence”

Shoko Kiyohara    
Associate Professor, School of Information &
Meiji University
“U.S.-Japan Comparative Study on Election
Systems in the Internet Age: Internet Election Campaigns and E-voting”

Phillip Y. Lipscy    
Assistant Professor, Department of Political
Stanford University    
“The Politics of Energy and Climate Change”

Toru Morotomi    
Professor, Graduate School of Economics
Kyoto University
“Future of Corporate Taxation: A Comparative
Study of Influences of Globalization and Competitiveness Considerations on Corporate
Tax Reforms in Japan and U.S.”

Gene Park  
Associate Professor, Department of Political
Loyola Marymount University
“Tax Structure, Tax Politics and Deficits”

Noriko Porter    
Instructor, Human Development    
Washington State University
“Comparing Stress of Mothers Who Raise Children
with Autism between Japan and USA: A Mixed Methods Study”

Jordan Sand    
Professor, Department of History/Department of
East Asian Languages and Cultures 
Georgetown University    
“A Tokyo Model? Lessons for Contemporary Asian
Megacities from Local Microhistories of Housing and Infrastructure Development
in Tokyo”

Jaganath Sankaran    
Postdoctoral Fellow, John F. Kennedy School of
Harvard University
“Fostering Military Stability and Nuclear
Nonproliferation in Northeast Asia”

Kay Shimizu    
Assistant Professor, Department of Political
Columbia University    
“Liberalization and the Distancing of Politics:
the Case of Agricultural Reforms in Japan”

Daisaku Yamamoto    
Associate Professor, Geography and Asian Studies
Colgate University    
“Coping with the Crisis of Public Facilities and
Services in Nuclear Host Localities: U.S.-Japan Comparison Based on the
Livelihood Approach”

Masaru Yarime    
Project Associate Professor, Science, Technology
and Innovation, Graduate School of Public Policy    
University of Tokyo
“University-Industry-Government Collaboration
for Innovation to Address Grand/Societal Challenges: Comparative Analysis of
Science & Technology Policy in Japan, Europe & the U.S.”