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Abe Fellowship Program 2011-2012

Thomas Berger
Associate Professor, International Relations
Boston University 
“Shadowboxing and the Art of Alliance Maintenance”

Joseph M. Coleman
Roy W. Howard Professional-in-Residence, School of
Indiana University at Bloomington
“The Old Man and the Hammer: The Struggle to Build the Aging Workforce of the

Nobutaka Fukuda
Professor, School of Social Informatics 
Aoyama Gakuin University 
“The influence of social and economic policy on childcare provision: A
comparative study between Japan and the U.S.”

Yoko Hayashi
Associate Professor, School of Art Infomatics /
President, ARTS ALIVE 
Shobi University
“Research on the Effect of Creativity and the Effect of Cultural Programs on
Aging Communities as well as the Method of Training for Educators and Teaching
Artists for Such Programs, including People with Alzheimer’s and Other
Cognitive Problems”

Sagiri Kitao
Associate Professor, Economics 
Hunter College (CUNY)
“Demographic transition and sustainable social security in the United States
and Japan”

Janelle Knox-Hayes
Assistant Professor, School of Public Policy 
Georgia Institute of Technology
“Comparative Analysis of the Institutional Development of Environmental Finance
in Asia the United States and Europe”

Lon Kurashige
Associate Professor, History 
University of Southern California
“Closing the Gates Again? Lessons from the US-Japan Immigration Crisis”

Melissa K Melby
Assistant Professor, Anthropology 
University of Delaware
“Minding the Gap: Measuring Divergence in Understandings of Dietary Problems,
Causes and Solutions between Experts and the Public in the US and Japan”

Ian Jared Miller
Associate Professor, History 
Harvard University
“The Nature of Cities: Japanese Urban Planning in Global Times”

Rie Sakai
Assistant Professor, Medical Education 
Juntendo University School of Medicine
“Geographic Maldistribution of Pediatricians: A Comparison of Japan and the
United States”

Andrew Tiedt
Postdoctoral Research Trainee, Center on Aging at NORC 
University of Chicago
“Cross-National Comparisons of the Effects of Social Support on Depressive
Symptoms among Older Women and Men in the U.S. and Japan”

Hideko Yoshimoto
Associate Professor, International Studies 
Yamaguchi University
“American Public Diplomacy and News Framing of Okinawa”