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Self-Publishing Kamishibai Workshop

Time & Location

May 28, 7:30pm ET


The World Kamishibai Forum begins again on May 28 with “Self-Publishing Kamishibai” featuring Araki Fumiko (“Bunchan”) and Miyazaki Fumie. The forum is a free series of ten Zoom meetings that focus on different aspects of kamishibai. Live attendees will meet and interact with the presenters who are experienced kamishibai creators/presenters from around the globe and have deep experience in their work. The workshops will be recorded and made available to view later. The World Kamishibai Forum is curated by Tara McGowan, Donna Tamaki, and Walter Ritter. It is produced by Write Out Loud.

To receive an invitation to each Zoom meeting, be sure to register at World Kamishibai Forum.


Araki Fumiko (aka Bunchan) is director of the Koron Puppet Theater, board member of the All-Japan Kamishibai Festival and an active performer and lecturer of kamishibai both in Japan and abroad. She has published many kamishibai titles and co-founded the Pachi Pachi Kamishibai Publishing Workshop which assists in the publication of kamishibai titles in small editions. She helped to successfully inaugurate World Kamishibai Forum 2020 and this year has joined as a co-project director.

Miyazaki Fumie is a board member of the All-Japan Kamishibai Festival, vice-president of the Japanese Children’s Cultural Research Association, on the board of the Children’s Culture Research Center (Tokyo) and co-founder of the Pachi Pachi Kamishibai Publishing Workshop. A retired elementary school teacher, Miyazaki continues her work creating original kamishibai stories, researching kamishibai as a form of children’s culture and working to revive kamishibai in the school curriculum. Her most recent kamishibai title is Mary, the Blue-eyed Doll’s Dearest Wish.

This project is supported by the Global Partnerships Education Grant.

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