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Japanese Studies


(Re)Envisioning Contemporary Japanese Traditional Performing Arts

Yamaguchi Sagi kyogen Preservation Society.

Time & Location

November 14


The “non-professional” artist may be identified in a variety of ways—as folk artist, as amateur, as aficionados, etc.—but each makes up an important part of Japan’s traditional performing arts’ heritage. This online symposium and livestream event presented by the Hunter College Japanese Program will examine this oft overlooked group of players and consider the ways in which their activities contribute to a greater understanding of Japan’s traditional performing arts.

1pm – 7pm EST
Keynote by: Terence Lancashire (Osaka Ohtani University)
Presentations by: Diego Pellecchia (Kyoto Sangyo University), Iga Rutkowska (Adam Mickiewicz University), Rick Emmert & John Oglevee (Theatre Nohgaku) and Alex Rogals (Hunter College)
Register for the Symposium here.

Special Livestream Event: Yamaguchi Sagi kyogen production of Chidori (Catching Plovers)
7:30pm – 9pm EST
Performance and a live Q&A with members of the Yamaguchi Sagi kyogen Preservation Society.
Guests: Fumiaki Yonemoto (performer & Yamaguchi Prefectural Intangible Cultural Asset), Taro Yonemoto (performer), Hirotaka Tsuchimura (performer), and Hideo Inada (Professor, Yamaguchi Prefectural University & Preservation Society Resident Historian)
Register for the Livestream event here.

For more information and detailed scheduled, please click here.

This event is supported through our new grant program, the JFNY Grant for Online Japanese Studies.

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