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01/20/2021 - 04/24/2021
New York, NY

Joaquín Orellana: The Spine of Music

(Left) Joaquín Orellana, Imbaluna. Photo by Francisco Soto. Courtesy of Joaquín Orellana.
(Right) Akira Ikezoe, Future Primitive III, Akira Ikezoe Studio, New York.

Time & Location

January 20 – April 24, 2021
Americas Society (New York, NY)


Americas Society presents Joaquín Orellana: The Spine of Music, the first exhibition of the Guatemalan composer’s útiles sonoros (sound tools) in the United States alongside the work of contemporary artists. The exhibition connects the musician’s avant-garde sensibility with that of artists including Carlos Amorales, María Adela Díaz, Akira Ikezoe, and Alberto Rodríguez Collía, each of whom has spent time with the composer and created work related to his practice.

Visit the Americas Society website to learn more and schedule your visit.

This exhibition is supported through the JFNY Grant for Arts and Culture.

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In the Studio: The Spine of Music Series
February 25, 5pm EST

Akira Ikezoe in conversation with Diana Flatto, co-curator of Joaquín Orellana: The Spine of Music. For further details, click here.

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