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How Grassroots Relationships Power the US-Japan Partnership

Time & Location

August 16, 9pm EDT (August 17, 10am JST)


The Yokosuka Council on Asia-Pacific Studies (YCAPS) presents a weekly webinar series on Japanese culture and society, Getting to Know Japan Series.

Rear Admiral Jamie Kelly (U.S. Navy, rtd.) will give a general overview of the importance and function of grassroots relationships for the U.S.-Japan partnership. He will first provide a brief historical background of this strategic partnership before going into detail about specific groups and reciting personal anecdotes from his time as a vanguard of US-Japan grassroots empowerment.

This event will be off-the-record. Questions are encouraged. It will not be recorded. The event is free, but registration is required.

Click here to register. Visit the YCAPS website to learn more.

The webinar series is supported through the CGP Salary Assistant Grant for U.S.-Japan Community Grassroots Exchange Program.


Rear Adm. James Kelly is President of the John Manjiro-Whitfield Commemorative Center for International Exchange US. While on active duty he served as commander of Naval Forces Japan from 2005-2009. During this tenure, he led the Navy through a number of important milestone events including the arrival of USS George Washington — the first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier to be forward deployed to Yokosuka. Exceptionally active in the community, he is remembered for his role in the creation of the iconic Yokosuka Burger and building housing for junior Sailors. Prior to that, he had served in Yokosuka as commander of the USS Kitty Hawk Strike Group. Following his retirement in 2009, he became dean of the College of Operational and Strategic Leadership at U.S. Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island.

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