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02/25/2012 - 02/28/2012
New York (NY), Cambridge (MA)

Hoichi the Earless: from Kwaidan Ghost Story

Photo: GION


Febraury 25, 2012 Asia Society (New York, NY)
Febraury 28, 2012 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Simmons Hall (Cambridge, MA)

The bizarre supernatural tale of Hoichi the Earless (from Kwaidan) was given a surreal spin in a new interpretation by three innovative artists from Japan. Akiko Sakurai, master performer of Japanese vocal music and Satsuma biwa (traditional Japanese lute); Kumotaro Mukai, renowned Butoh dancer from ex-Dairakudakan; and Kiyoshi Ohira, musical disciple of the Saz (Turkish lute) wove traditional and contemporary Japanese performance into a compelling new work which will have its world premiere at the Asia Society. This event was co-organized with Asia Society.

Related Project: Sunday at the Met, Storytelling in Japanese Arts (February, 26, 2012) Akiko Sakurai performed Japanese literary work The Tale of the Heike (Performance starts from 1:24:30).

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