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St. Paul (MN)

HERbeat: Taiko Women ALL-STARS

© Dan Norman

Time & Location

February 29
Ordway Theater (St. Paul, MN)


TaikoArts Midwest proposes a simple, ground-breaking idea: bring the best North American and Japanese female taiko artists together for a two-week artist residency to collaborate and create a one-of-a-kind performance. Envisioned as a catalyst to fuel movement towards gender equity in taiko, this project celebrates and puts women center stage in an epic and historic performance. Guest artists include: Tiffany Tamaribuchi, Chieko Kojima (KODO), Kaoly Asano (GOCOO), Mayumi Hashimoto, Mizue Yamada, PJ Hirabayashi, Chizuko Endo, Michelle Fujii, and many more.

This performance is supported through the Performing Arts Japan (PAJ) program.

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