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Article IX and the Japan Self Defense Force

Time & Location

October 7, 6am EDT (7pm JST)


The Yokosuka Council on Asia-Pacific Studies (YCAPS) presents a weekly webinar series on Japanese culture and society, Getting to Know Japan Series.

Article IX of the Japanese Constitution, an item of frequent debate and scrutiny, was a precursor to the Japanese Self Defense Forces and is still a guiding principle for their operations. Japanese foreign policy expert Dr. Kyoko Hatakeyama will give an introductory talk on this critical and contested section of Japan’s constitution and the military forces that it regulates.

This event will be off-the-record. Questions are encouraged. It will not be recorded. The event is free, but registration is required.

Click here to register. Visit the YCAPS website to learn more.

The webinar series is supported through the CGP Salary Assistant Grant for U.S.-Japan Community Grassroots Exchange Program.


Kyoko Hatakeyama is Professor of International Relations at Graduate School of International Studies and Regional Development, University of Niigata Prefecture. Prior to this position, she served as Research Analyst in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan and Kansai Gaidai University. Her research interests include Japan’s foreign and security policy, International Relations in Asia, and International Relations Theory. Her recent publications include “A Middle Power’s Roles in Shaping the East Asian Security Order: Analysis of Japan’s Engagement from a Normative Perspective,” Australian Journal of Politics and History Vol. 65, No. 3 2019 and Japan’s Evolving Security Policy: Militarisation within a Pacifist Tradition, Routledge, 2021.

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