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Abe Global 2022 | Polishing Japan’s Silver: Aging Sustainably in the 21st Century

Across the world, societies are struggling to design sustainable policies for their aging populations. In much of the developed world, an increasing share of the population is over 60. In Japan, which has long been viewed as the pioneer “super-aging” society, nearly 30% of the population is now over 65. Individuals are living much longer lives due to improvements in nutrition and health care, while evolving lifestyles and shifting socio-economic conditions have kept birth rates at historic lows. For Abe Global 2022, a roundtable of five Abe Fellows will discuss these issues, share stories from their research, and examine potential policies for end-of-life care and an aging global society.

This program will be start on January 28, 2022 1:30pm-3:00pm(EST) Online.

Visit The Social science research council’s website for more information.

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