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05/12/2022 - 06/30/2022

“A Bridge Builder” The life of Ezra F. Vogel



We are pleased to announce the release of the documentary film series “Giants of Japanese Studies: The Lives of Donald Keene & Dr. Ezra F. Vogel” on the Japan Foundation’s official YouTube channel. These documentary films look back on the achievements of Dr. Ezra F. Vogel and Dr. Donald Keene.

The documentary film on Dr. Ezra F. Vogel was released on May 10th. Dr. Ezra F. Vogel was professor emeritus at Harvard University and the author of “Japan as Number One,” which sold 700,000 copies in Japan. He made invaluable contributions to the progress and spread of Japanese Studies in the world.

We are excited to showcase the lives of these two giants through archived video footage and interviews with people who knew them closely. The documentary film on Dr. Ezra F. Vogel is available now, and the documentary film on Donald Keene will be released on May 27th.


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