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Japan-U.S. Global Partnerships Small Grant 2022

John Manjiro-Whitfield Commemorative Center for International Exchange US (CIE-US), Washington, D.C. 
Reviving the Japan-America Grassroots Summit After COVID-19 
Project Director: Mr. James Kelly 
To support two events, a November 2022 mini-summit in Obuse, Japan, that brings together Americans and Japanese for the first in-person exchange in more than three years, and the 2023 Japan-America Grassroots Summit in Columbus, Ohio, which represents the resumption of full-scale summits. 

Trustees of Indiana University, Indianapolis, Indiana 
Developing SDGs-Focused Peace Programs for Networking among the Japanese Studies Program, our Community, and Japan 
Project Director: Dr. Izumi Harris 
To conduct meetings in Japan with Japanese collaborators such as universities, museums, NGOs, and attend conferences and seminars with the hope of developing a new course with peace study abroad including the Japan Service-Learning Network and creating a network among the IUPUI Japanese Studies Program & community, and Japan.