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2012-2013 IPS Program Awardees

Institution Project Title
Pennsylvania State UniversityGlobal Japan Project
University of California at Los AngelesNew Visions of Japan
University of MichiganReimagining the Master of Arts in Japanese Studies
University of Southern CaliforniaCenter for Japanese Religions and Culture

Grantee Pennsylvania State University
Project TitleGlobal Japan Project
Grant Period2013/8/15-2017/8/14
OutlineThis grant helps raise the quality and profile of Japanese at Penn State by supporting a tenure-line hire in History; study abroad and scholarship opportunities for undergraduates; support and incentives for university professors and K-12 teachers through workshops; and enhancement of library resources.
ProjectsStudy abroad to Japan
K-12 outreach workshop
Digital Database Subscriptions
Grantee University of California at Los Angeles
Project TitleNew Visions of Japan
Grant Period2013/3/31-2016/6/30
OutlineThis grant supports the hiring of two permanent faculty lines in Japanese history and Japanese literature; the establishment of an annual, global forum on innovative visions of Japan’s future; library acquisitions; funding to extend activities of the multi-campus research group; and a film series.
ProjectsAnnual Terasaki Center Global Forum
Grantee University of Michigan
Project TitleReimagining the Master of Arts in Japanese Studies
Grant Period2013/3/15-2016/3/14
OutlineThis grant supports the creation of two graduate fellowships for the Center for Japanese Studies MA program for students pursuing advanced training in Japanese studies
ProjectsTwo new graduate fellows
Grantee University of Southern California
Project TitleCenter for Japanese Religions and Culture
Grant Period2013/7/1-2015/6/30
OutlineThis grant will support the activities of the newly created Center for Japanese Religions and Culture, including funding for faculty led research projects; planning conferences, colloquia, and workshops, providing faculty and graduate student research awards; and by building the capacity to host visiting scholars and postdoctoral fellows.
ProjectsHybrid Japan Innovation Lab symposium
Hapa Japan biennial Conference and Festival
Japanese American Religion and Society Project
Speakers series

* Project Cost Totals and JF Grant Totals are estimated at the time of The Japan Foundation’s initial award. The actual figures may change throughout the course of the project’s implementation.