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2008-2009 IPS Program Awardees

For the inaugural year of the IPS program, the Japan Foundation plans to offer 9 institutions approximately $1,143,000 for this first round of grants.

The Foundation originally received 63 applications from all across the US (and Japan) in response to the general call for new, innovative proposals. Following screening by the Japan Foundation’s American Advisory Committee, nine institutions were chosen to be allocated funds.

Institution Project Title
University of ColoradoNew Directions in Japanese Graduate Studies and Outreach at the University of Colorado
University of Hawaii at ManoaOkinawan Studies in the United States
University of KentuckyBuilding a Japan Studies Concentration at the University of Kentucky
University of VirginiaUnderstanding Japan in its International Context
Great Lakes Colleges AssociationAmerican Liberal Arts Colleges: Engagement with Modern Japan
North American Coordinating Council on Japanese Library Resources (NCC)Expanding Transnational Strategies for User-Centered Sharing of Information Resources
University of Illinois, Center for East Asian and Pacific StudiesMidwest Japan Seminar
Inter-University Center for Japanese Language StudiesThe Inter-University Center for Japanese Language Studies
Kyoto Consortium for Japanese StudiesKyoto Summer Language Program for Advanced and Classical Japanese

In addition to the final nine grantees listed above, six institutions were provided a smaller encouragement grant to show the Japan Foundation’s appreciation to their continued initiative of enhancing Japanese Studies at their institutions. They are:

  • Agnes Scott College (Decatur, GA)
  • Bridgewater State College (Bridgewater, MA)
  • Eckerd College (St. Petersburg, FL)
  • Northeastern University (Boston, MA)
  • Spelman College (Atlanta, GA)
  • Texas A&M University (College Station, TX)

Grantee University of Colorado Foundation
Project TitleNew Directions in Japanese Graduate Studies and Outreach at the University of Colorado
Grant Period2008/8/1-2011/7/31
OutlineThis grant supports the implementation of a new Ph.D. program in Japanese Studies and a new graduate emphasis in Japanese History. The university will hire faculty in Tokugawa literature/drama, applied linguistics/second language acquisition, modern Japanese history, a new Japanese librarian, as well as strengthening its library collections to support Ph.D. level research in linguistics, literature, and cultural studies. The university also plans to conduct an overseas study program for Japanese language teachers and secondary teachers of history and literature nationwide and a teacher institute for Advanced Placement and post-secondary teachers. Two interdisciplinary research conferences for faculty and graduate students in Japanese literature, theater, history, art history, and film studies are also planned.
ProjectsVisiting Scholar– Scholar from Japan to mentor both graduates and undergraduates in the spring of 2009
Research Conference–Japanese Medieval Illustrated Texts
Fulbright Group Projects Abroad 2008- Institute in Japan focused on Japanese Literature for elementary teachers
K12- Teacher Institute on campus 2009–Teaching Japanese humanities through the arts
Fulbright Group Projects Abroad 2009–Institute in Japan for Japanese language teahcers and secondary teachers of world literature and history nationwide
K-12 Teacher Workshop on Asian Religions Library Acquisitions
Grantee University of Hawaii at Manoa
Project TitleOkinawan Studies in the United States
Grant Period2008/6/1-2011/5/31
OutlineTo enable UH to become the focal point for the development of Okinawan Studies in the US and elsewhere outside Japan, this project consists of symposia, publications, curriculum development, faculty research, and library development, helping set a course for the field, both in and of itself and within the context of Japanese Studies.
ProjectsGraduate Assistant to assist in coordination of activities
Symposium on Okinawa
Translation Project-Gaisetsu Okinawa no rekishi
FacultyTravel to South America-commemorate 100th anniversary of Japanese immigration to S. America
Reprinting of Uchinanchu: The History of Okinawans in Hawaii (1981)
Public EventSymposium on Okinawa-Spring 2009
Grantee University of Kentucky
Project TitleUniversity of Kentucky Research Foundation
Grant Period2008/9/1-2011/6/30
OutlineThis grant will help fund the development of a Japan Studies concentration within a burgeoning International Studies major. Two new faculty positions will be added-one in Japanese language and one in Japanese visual culture. This new concentration will provide four full years of language study, offer more opportunities for undergraduates to study Japan by setting the foundation for future graduate offerings, and will also open the way for a teacher certification program in Japanese language.
ProjectsJapan Studies faculty Abroad- To visit Japanese Universities
Japanese University delegation visit U. of Kentucky
Film and Speaker Series
Library Acquisitions
Course Development Planning
Public EventFilm and Speaker Series-2009 (U. Kentucky campus)
Grantee University of Virginia
Project TitleUnderstanding Japan In Its International Context
Grant Period2008/7/1-2012/6/30
OutlineThis grant helps fund the implementation of three new faculty hires at the university. The first will be a second Japanese history scholar, whose expertise will be the period since 1868. The second hire will be in the area of Japanese film / media. The final hire will be a scholar in the area of anthropology of Japan. Concomitant with these areas, new library acquisitions will be procured. Such developments will help create a synergy across departments that will benefit undergraduates and Ph.D. students alike.
ProjectsLibrary Resources
Grantee Great Lakes Colleges Association
Project TitleAmerican Liberal Arts Colleges: Engagement with Modern Japan
Grant Period2008/7/1-2011/3/31
OutlineThe Great Lakes Colleges Association is conducting a project to enable faculty members with no special training in Japan to participate in a multi-disciplinary study and guided travel program in Japan. Groups will be led by a Japan specialist with language fluency and travel experience in Japan. Faculty members will participate in a structured sequence of activities to prepare for travel and with the goal of integrating the knowledge derived from travel and study into their regularly offered disciplinary courses. There are two travel projects in development. The first travel project, Work and Leisure in Japan, is scheduled for the summer of 2009. The second project, Environment and Nature in Japan will travel to Japan in 2010.
ProjectsFaculty Leader Planning and selection of first travel group
Pre-travel Workshop (07/08-03/09)
Grantee North American Coordinating Council on Japanese Library Resources (NCC)
Project TitleExpanding Transnational Strategies of User-Centered Sharing of Information Resources
Grant Period2008/7/1-2010/6/30
OutlineThis grant will help further expand the NCC’s service in the field of Japanese studies internationally through the development of two major initiatives: A) the expansion of digital resources including training, global inter-library loan and document delivery, creation of guidelines of visual image use from Japan, and professional training of Japanese and East Asian Librarians. B) A plan to streamline its administrative and governance policies, support a 2010 conference focused on NCC’s third decade (2011-2020), expand fund-raising strategies, and the creation of an NCC endowment.
ProjectsE-Resources Initiative-Workshops will be held for students and faculty, to be co-taught by senior librarians
Image Usage Protocal (IUP) Conference-Conference to discuss the establishment of guidelines for use of visual images in research, teaching, and publications tobenefit everyone interested in Japan (Held in Tokyo)
Digital Resources Committee (DRC) Vendor’s Conference
Global ILL (Inter-Library Loan) Framework (GIF) Meeting
Faculty Forum
Public EventImage Usage Protcal Conference in Tokyo, June 2008
Faculty Forum at Princeton University in January 2009: open to the public (sign up required due to space)
E-Resources Workshops: (all are open to the public but may require sign up)
Resources for Teaching and Research on Japan: at Northwestern University in November 2008
Three-Workshop Series on E-Resources on Japanese Law: at UC Berkeley, UCLA, and UCSD in February 2009
Resources for Undergraduates on Japan and China: at Dickinson College (Pennsylvania) April 2009
Visual Images Workshop in conjunction with the Prange Collection 30th Anniversary: at University of Maryland April 2009
Grantee University of Illinois, Center fir East-Asian and Pacific Studies
Project TitleMidwest Japan Seminar
Grant Period2008/8/1-2010/7/31
OutlineThis grant supports the Midwest Japan Seminar, an ongoing conference that provides a forum for scholars in Japan Studies of varying disciplines to present and discuss their research and works. There are five seminars held a year at various universities and colleges in the Midwest, cultivating scholarship among professors and instructors of Japan Studies in the region.
ProjectsMidwest Japan Seminar-Tentative schedule/location for this year:
09/2008- Michigan State University
10/2008- St. Olaf College
11/2008- University of Minnesota
02/2009- University of Texas at Austin
04/2009- University of Mississippi
Publication of Confererence papers
Public EventMidwest Japan Seminar is open to the public (See schedule above)
Grantee The Inter-University Center for Japanese Language Studies
Project TitleThe Inter-University Center for Japanese Language Studies
Grant Period2008/4/1-2010/3/31
OutlineGrant will help facilitate this ongoing program of intensive training in speaking and reading Japanese for college and university students. The program offers a full-academic-year program and is designed for students who are preparing for careers in Japanese studies such as academia, business, government, and other fields. Held in Yokohama.
ProjectsTen Month Intensive Japanese Language Program-September (’08)- May (’09)
Grantee Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies
Project TitleKyoto Summer Language Progaram for Advanced and Classical Japanese
Grant Period2008/5/1-2011/4/30
OutlineThis grant helps fund the establishment of a new summer language program for advanced learners of Japanese in reading, writing, and speaking, in addition to a planned course in classical Japanese. This six-week program is conducted in Kyoto at KCJS facility and Kyoto University. Participants can receive six points of credit for each course through Columbia University.
ProjectsPublicity Development- Web site design, brochures, posters, other materials
Program Planning- KCJS Instructor to Columbia for planning

* Project Cost Totals and JF Grant Totals are estimated at the time of The Japan Foundation’s initial award. The actual figures may change throughout the course of the project’s implementation.