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2017-2018 US-SEA Program Awardees

Institution Project Title
University of California – BerkeleyNurturing Networks, Growing Stronger Scholars
University of OregonOregon-Vietnam-Japan Exchange and Collaboration Project

Grantee University of California – Berkeley
Project TitleNurturing Networks, Growing Stronger Scholars
Grant Period2017/8/1-2020/7/31
Project Cost Total$230,250*
JF Grant Total$224,926*
OutlineThis project consists of three annual dissertation workshops for graduate students from Southeast Asia, the U.S., and Japan. The dissertation workshops provide opportunities for participants to formulate strong proposals, learn and use new research methodologies and resources not widely available outside the U.S., collectively identify and map research territories where intellectual trends are evolving, and develop an international network of mentors among both senior and younger scholars from Southeast Asia, the U.S., and Japan.
ProjectsInvitation of visiting graduate researchers from Southeast Asia and Japan to annual dissertation workshops at UC Berkeley
Grantee University of Oregon
Project TitleOregon-Vietnam-Japan Exchange and Collaboration Project
Grant Period2017/8/1-2020/7/31
Project Cost Total$436,909*
JF Grant Total$272,850*
OutlineThis project aims to support and promote Japanese Studies by initiating collaboration and exchange between the University of Oregon, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Ho Chi Minh City University of Education, and Hanoi University. The primary goals are to share resources, expand professional ties, and cultivate collaborative research. Visiting scholars at the University of Oregon will observe courses and work with faculty to develop curriculum and collaborative research projects.
Projects Invitation of visiting professors from Vietnam
Conference held at partner institution in Vietnam
Workshop on Japanese language teaching and curriculum development
Collaborative research projects
Book translations
Capstone Conference

* Project Cost Totals and JF Grant Totals are estimated.