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2016-2017 US-SEA Program Awardees

Institution Project Title
University of California – Los AngelesU.S.-Southeast Asia-Japan Collaboration and Exchange Initiative
University of FindlayVietnam-U.S. Collaboration through Japanese Studies
University of Hawaii at ManoaIncorporating Southeast Asian Perspectives into Japanese Studies

Grantee University of California – Los Angeles
Project TitleU.S.-Southeast Asia-Japan Collaboration and Exchange Initiative
Grant Period2016/8/1-2019/7/31
Project Cost Total$299,974*
JF Grant Total$263,974*
OutlineThis project aims to have a transformative impact on Japanese Studies in Southeast Asia, the U.S., and Japan through creating opportunities for scholars and graduate students from the three areas to become better acquainted with one another’s research and form connections that will open the door to future collaborations. The project is focused on inviting visiting scholars and graduate researchers from ASEAN countries to UCLA to conduct research, participate in workshops and symposiums, and take part in all other aspects of academic life.
ProjectsInvitation of visiting professors from Southeast Asia
Invitation of visiting graduate researchers from Southeast Asia
Invitation of visiting scholars and students from Southeast Asia to annual workshop and annual symposium of Japanese
Studies at UCLA
Grantee The University of Findlay
Project TitleVietnam-U.S. Collaboration through Japan Studies
Grant Period2016/4/1-2019/3/31
Project Cost Total$422,878*
JF Grant Total$244.982*
OutlineThis project aims to enhance Japanese Studies in Southeast Asia and the U.S. by focusing on trilateral synergy of exchange and scholarly activities among university faculty and students in Japan, the U.S., and Vietnam. Projects include annual visits of Japanese Studies scholars from Vietnam to the U.S., collaborative research among students and faculty representing all three countries through joint fieldwork in Japan, attendance at U.S. based conferences for Asian Studies, and collaborative publication of research. The final year of the program will culminate with all participants presenting the results of their work. The publication of an edited volume will conclude the project.
ProjectsInvitation of visiting professors from Vietnam
Conference held at partner institution in Vietnam
Joint fieldwork in Japan
Compilation of an edited volume
Grantee University of Hawaii at Manoa
Project TitleIncorporating Southeast Asian Perspectives into Japanese Studies
Grant Period2016/8/1-2019/7/31
Project Cost Total$306.470*
JF Grant Total$237,050*
OutlineThis project aims to foster a truly multidimensional and dynamic understanding of the Asian region by developing an enhanced “inter-area” approach to the study of Japan. Fundamental to this project are short-term, as well as semester-long, visitations by graduate students and faculty from institutions in Southeast Asia. Additionally, an annual-based workshop series devoted to the theme, “Multidimensionalizing Japanese Studies” will serve as a forum for intellectual exchange and the incubation of collaborative projects in the Japanese Studies field between Southeast Asia, Japanese, and Hawaii-based scholars. An edited volume based on the workshops and exchange experiences will conclude the three-year project.
ProjectsInvitation of visiting scholars from Southeast Asia
Workshop series with partner institutions in Southeast Asia and Japan
Compilation of an edited volume

* Project Cost Totals and JF Grant Totals are estimated.