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2019-2020 IPS Small Grant Program Awardees

Institution Project Title
University of Minnesota2020 Global Japan

Grantee University of Minnesota
Project Title2020 Global Japan
Grant Period2019/04/01-2020/03/31
OutlineThis grant supports a collaborative project between the University of Minnesota and Waseda University to study topics of race, ethnicity, and migration leading up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The project includes a co-curricular development workshop and reading seminar at Waseda University, and a symposium at the University of Minnesota. These scholarly events will build bridges between Japanese Studies and other disciplines, such as Black Studies, Critical Okinawan Studies, Global Indigenous Studies, and Asian American Studies.

* Project Cost Totals and JF Grant Totals are estimated at the time of The Japan Foundation’s initial award. The actual figures may change throughout the course of the project’s implementation.