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Salary Assistance Grant for U.S.-Japan Community Grassroots Exchange Program 2021

Hinoki Foundation, Inc., Ypsilanti, MI
CORE 25(Comprehensive Outreach & Education2025) –Phase 2: Ensuring Sustainable Japanese Language & Culture Education Opportunities for Social & Economic Benefit
Project Director: Dr. Anne Hooghart
To support a second year of salary for the program coordinator to focus on volunteer management and outreach activities that maintain or enhance interest in Japan, demonstrate the value of bilingualism & multiculturalism to youth and the public, and increase the pool of people who can use Japan-related skills & knowledge to contribute to the local economy while allowing Hinoki directors to focus on development and a stronger operational foundation.

EngageAsia, Tarrytown, NY
Engaging Japan: Growing Grassroots Opportunities for Teachers
Project Director: Chisato Sakamoto
To support the Program Director’s second year to provide programs that target K-12 educators from underserved and non-traditional communities and increase knowledge and interest in Japan with innovative, creative approaches to grassroots exchange through three programs: 1) Japanese Craftsmanship Workshop, 2) Japan 101 Program, and 3) public webinars.

Research Foundation of the City of University of New York (Hunter College), New York, NY
Turning Your Major into a Career
Project Director: Alex Rogals
To hire a full-time faculty member in the Japanese Program to schedule, manage and facilitate 20 hybrid career development events, produce 2 events showcasing student research, connect students with job opportunities and professional mentors, and create a database of partners and alumni as Hunter College Japanese Program launches NYC area’s first Japanese Language and Culture Major.

Arching Oaks Arts and Culture Center, Eustis, FL
Arching Oaks Arts and Culture Center: Salary Assistance Request
Project Director: Sebastian Velilla
To expand the role of the current Program Director to a paid, full-time position in an effort to increase the number of educational and outreach programs, to increase awareness of traditional Japanese arts and culture, and to help combat the wave of anti-Asian discrimination.

Asia Society Texas Center, Houston, TX
Japan Outreach Educator
Project Director: Jennifer Kapral
To hire a new part-time employee to promote an interest and teach about Japanese culture, reimagine Japanese educational programs, support and develop new educational programs, build a long-term plan for consistent and high-impact programming, and work with partner organizations and schools to help integrate Japan-related learning.

Northampton Community College, Bethlehem, PA
Japanese Arts with the Northampton Community
Project Director: Dr. Nathan Carpenter
To promote understanding and appreciation of Japanese arts and culture at Northampton Community College as well as in the local community of Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania, including primary and secondary schools and assisted living facilities, by hiring a Japanese Cultural Program Coordinator who will manage outreach, partnership, and programming for Japanese arts and culture events.

CultureAll, Inc., Urbandale, IA
Enriching Rural Iowa with Japanese Skill and Grace
Project Director: Sherry Gupta
To hire a new Community Outreach Specialist to promote Japan-related programs in regions with schools, libraries, community centers, and businesses as partners beyond the Greater Des Moines metropolitan area.