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Global Partnerships Grant Small 2023 

Japan-America Society of Central Ohio, Dublin, Ohio 
The First Japan-America Grassroots Summit in Ohio 
Project Director: Mari Noda 
To support the 2023 Japan-America Grassroots Summit in Columbus, Ohio, in September 2023. The summit was on a 3-year hiatus due to the pandemic and its restrictions. After 3 years, JASCO host the summit in Columbus, and there are about 80 participants from Japan coming on to the people-to-people exchange program with the 2000 American counterparts gathered from 9 communities in and near Columbus throughout the 7-day summit. 

Japanese Garden Society of Oregon (Portland Japanese Garden), Portland, Oregon 
Japan Institute Peace Symposium 
Project Director: Paula Esguera 
To support a Peace Symposium hosted at Japan Society, New York. The event takes place on September 21, 2023. The main component of the event is a panel discussion and a keynote speaker to promote intercultural understanding and exchange, facilitate such exchange among international audiences, contribute to the Japan-U.S. bilateral relation, and provide the audience with opportunities for education and personal development. 

International Student Conferences, Inc., Washington, D.C. 
2023 US-Japan-Korea Trilateral Forum & Symposium 
Project Director: Deborah Jeong 
To support the US-Japan-Korea Trilateral Forum & Symposium in DC held in January 2024. The forum and symposium consist of representatives from 3 countries: US, Japan, and Korea to develop next generation leaders in U.S.-Japan relations who understand the role that U.S.-Japan/U.S.-Korea/Japan-Korea and Trilateral collaboration plays in regional security and develop their ability to analyze and think critically about these issues. 

The Center for Professional Exchange (CEPEX), Washington, D.C.  
Japan-America Collaboration for Joint Vocational Training Program on All Returns Market  
Project Director: Yoshihiro Sasaki 
To support two private-public partnership events, a workshop and public seminar, in order to support the retraining of labor in and around Arkansas with the active participation of private companies, state government, and vocational schools, on the Japanese system of “responsible recycling” with an aim to improve labor participation rates, secure next generation workers at small and medium size enterprises, and decrease the impact of spiraling returns of merchandise on the environment. 

U.S.-Japan Council, Washington, D.C. 
Art as Currency: Japanese Culture in Contemporary America 
Project Director: Courtney Ozaki 
To support a hybrid presentation and engagement session at US-Japan Council’s Annual Conference where USJC Artists & Creatives Affinity Group members will showcase their work, ranging from nihon buyo, documentary filmmaking, creative writing, interactive art, and more, demonstrating the wide-ranging influence of Japanese culture in America.  These artists will present their work in a variety of formats, including readings, performances, lectures, and film screenings.  This session invites dialogue regarding key topics that impact the field of arts, economy, and society and their relevance in contemporary America.    

Regents of the University of Colorado, Denver, Denver, Colorado 
Expert Workshop to Improve Mobile Public Alert and Warning at a Global Level 
Project Director: Hamilton Bean 
To support Japan-U.S. cross-national knowledge and interaction through the entire arc of disaster risk communication: hazard detection, dissemination, public response, and academic investigation.  The project brings together researchers, officials, and citizens from the sister cities of Yamagata, Japan and Boulder, Colorado, USA in a series of workshops.  This project seeks to generate new, comparative knowledge of disaster risk communication theory and practice, mobile alert and warning technology, and public messaging in the era of climate change.