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Japan America Society (JAS) Initiative 2017

Japan America Society of Oregon
Capacity- Building Project (Year 2)
Project Director: Graham Morris  
During this project, the Japan America Society of Oregon plans create a modern, functional, service-oriented society that is financially stable by enabling the executive director by spending his time working with the Board and committees in targeting advancement in areas of strategic planning, fundraising, membership, programming and communications. Through the hiring of an Assistant Director, to increase membership and development revenue streams, this will increase the time of the executive director to work in these areas of advancement. 

Japan America Society of Colorado
Japan America Society of Colorado Strategic Planning Initiative (Year 2)
Project Director: Claudine Locascio    
The Japan America Society of Colorado aims to conduct a strategic plan initiative that strives to create a clear vision for the society in order to weather any future fluctuations in membership, economy and any other foreseeable events. The Initiative will include board and staff retreats with a facilitation of a professional consultant, learning best practices from experienced organizations and attending educational conferences that focus on financial stability in nonprofits. The initiative will also work in attracting new audiences such as youth leaders as well as developing a communication plan for directors, staff and community stakeholders.

Japan America Society of Georgia  
JAS Best Practices: Strategic Plan and Outreach (Year 2)
Project Director: Makiko Murahashi     
JAS Georgia plans to create both create a Strategic Plan and to implement the Plan through Membership and Program Outreach. The society will hire an outside professional consultant who will facilitate the board retreat and development for its strategic plan component. In addition, JAS Georgia will plan to hire a Development Programming Coordinator who will enable to sustain and expand membership, create long-term sustainable programs to ensure growth as well as to expand membership and programming outside the metro Atlanta area.

Japan-America Society of Washington, D.C. 
JASW 60th Anniversary Project (Year 2)
Project Director: Melissa Tolentino 
As it approaches its 60th anniversary, the Japan America Society of Washington will launch its Vision Committee in 2016 examine its current activities and propose new programs for the future in order to ensure a solid financial, membership and personnel base. In order to do so, the society aims to hire an Assistant Director to spearhead membership and community outreach efforts to generate publicity and marketing for their find raising campaign, as well as to design a fundraising campaign, and to strengthen staff professional knowledge and skills through attending nonprofit-related courses through the Center of Non-Profit Advancement. 

Japan Society Boston 
Hiring Director of Marketing (Year 1)
Project Director: Matt Krebs 
During this project, the Japan Society of Boston will work to rebuild its membership roster through the hiring of a Marketing Director. The hired Marketing Director will oversee a detailed plan to increase membership for the next two years through a mix of individual and corporate memberships. The Director will oversee an ongoing membership drive, beginning with lapsed members and including advertising and follow-up activities at events across Boston. The Director will also work on public marketing online and offline to increase awareness of our activities and of Japan in Boston. 

Japan America Society of Greater Philadelphia 
JASGP Strategic Planning Project and Development Assistant (Year 1)
Project Director: Kim Andrews  
With its recent merger with the Friends of the Japanese House and Garden (Shofuso), the society aims to create and conduct a strategic plan that will solidify its new identity and integrations of systems. The society will hire a strategic planning consultant that will implement the strategic planning process and to review its progress. 

Japan America Society of Pennsylvania
Strategic Analysis for the Future (Year 1)
Project Director: Amy Boots   
The Japan America Society of Pennsylvania will conduct a strategic plan in order to evaluate thecurrent needs in the community and the effectiveness of their current programs. Through the guidance of a consultant, they will build upon the previous individual donor development work to train Board Members. Another component to this project is that will aim to tackle capacity building through membership development. The society aims to target several new companies that have entered the Pittsburgh market to become corporate members.