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Japan America Society (JAS) Initiative 2010

Japan-America Society of Dallas/Fort Worth Dallas, TX
Membership Development & Marketing Campaign (Year 2)
Project Director: Anna McFarland
The objective is to grow a larger customer base in order to increase our impact on the community and ensure the long-term stability of the organization. Specifically, JASDFW should grow both corporate and individual membership numbers 40% from the June 2009 level by May 31, 2011; provide programs designed to further engage/satisfy current members, attract new members, and fulfill its mission; implement a marketing plan to raise public awareness of JASDFW and extend reach in the community; and implement a fund development plan to diversity fundraising and increase revenue.

Japan-America Society of Georgia Atlanta, GA
Development & Programming Director (Year 2)
Project Director: Kazuyoshi Domoto
Dr. Kathryn Negrelli was hired as Director of Development and Programming (DDP) in Year 1 of the project. The DDP has enabled JASG to sustain and expand membership, create long-term sustainable programs and projects to ensure the growth of the Society, and expand membership and programming outside the metropolitan Atlanta area. The DDP will continue to manage the outreach project, working to develop and execute effective membership outreach and fundraising campaigns.

Japan-America Society of Pennsylvania Pittsburgh, PA
Confluence: TRIAJE Three Rivers Initiative about Japanese Education (Year 3)
Project Director: Wendy Bennett
JASP’s project objective is to develop sustainable educational programs which help to fund the position of outreach coordinator (OC). Time, energy and financial resources have been spent on the development of the “mottanai bunka” programs. JASP will build on this curriculum, developed in Years 1 and 2 of the grant, of which furoshiki, obento, and Japan Artifact Box (JAB) programs have been a major part. In Year 3 the OC will oversee the maturation of these programs as JASP moves to more sustainability in reaching audiences among our corporate members, as well as incorporating JAB into our Japan in the Schools curriculum. The OC will also direct JASP efforts with annual events.

Japan-America Society of the State of Washington Seattle, WA
Kentaro Goes to Washington State (Year 2)
Project Director: Mark Smith
The first year of the grant project saw significant success as the Society hired a full-time Japan in the Schools (JIS) Program Coordinator and accomplished a number of Year 1 goals, including updating current and creating new programs which meet Washington state educational standards. JASSW anticipates successful implementation of improved and new programs which will gain more attention from schools and education professionals. In order to sustain the momentum and build on the successes of Year 1, the program in year will focus on volunteer and financial sustainability, programming and distribution.

Japan-America Society of Tennessee Nashville, TN
Regional Outreach and Activity Centers in West and East Tennessee (Year 3)
Project Director: Leigh Wieland
The two previous years focused primarily on establishing and stabilizing the West Tennessee Center which was launched as economic recession took a firm grip worldwide. Year 3 of the project will continue financial support in part for the West Tennessee Center as well as provide for the hiring of a dedicated part-time Program Coordinator who will implement established annual programs, develop new programs, provide support for Regional Center activities and serve as Festival Director of the annual, Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival (NCBF), now entering its third year. The NCBF is the cornerstone of future revenue for JAST beyond membership contributions and grants. 

Japan-America Society of West Michigan Kalamazoo, MI
Capacity Building, 2009 Japan America Societies Initiative (Year 2)
Project Director: Bob Perkins
Year 2 of the project will focus on retaining current members and seeking new corporate and individual memberships by outreach meetings and additional fundraising opportunities. Maintaining a full-time Executive Director for Year 2 will allow for expanded coverage of the urban areas of Lansing, Kalamazoo, and Grand Rapids, as well as the smaller communities of Jackson, Coldwater, Holland, Muskegon and Mount Pleasant. The Executive Director will spend at least on e day in each of the major communities to promote membership and organize and implement program activities in each of the communities. The Executive Director is also charged with increasing new membership and enhancing revenues in the targeted communities. 

National Association of Japan America Societies (NAJAS). Washington, DC
2010 CGP/NAJAS Japan America Society Workshop
Project Director: Peter Kelley
The objective of the grant project is to help small and mid-sized Japan America Societies (JAS) develop the skills to sustain themselves, grow in their host communities, and participate effectively in the NAJAS grassroots network. To be held August 22-23, 2010 at the Hotel Kabuki in San Francisco, CA, just prior to the NAJAS annual meeting, there will be an evening reception to facilitate networking and a full-day workshop led by two outside facilitators focused on defining and developing compelling benefits in their communities. Executive directors or leaders from 16 JAS will attend the reception and workshop.