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Japan America Society (JAS) Initiative 2008

Japan-America Society of Central Ohio. Columbus, OH
Japan-America Societies Midwest Network
Project Director: Janet Stucky Smith
This project will be conducted by JAS Central Ohio in collaboration with JAS Indiana, JAS Kentucky, JAS Greater Cincinnati, and JAS West Michigan. The grant will be used to form a more coherent network that will strengthen each society with information shared, with knowledge learned and through an economy of scale for activities. fdfdf

 Japan-America Society of Dallas/Fort Worth. Dallas, TX
Organizational Assessment & Strategic Planning 
Project Director: Diane Montgomery
JAS DFW will engage a private consulting firm to guide the Board and staff through an organizational assessment and strategic planning process. The objective is to position the organization for directed growth, greater effectiveness, and long-term stability.
Japan-America Society of Georgia. Atlanta, GA
Development & Programming Director (Year 1)
Project Director: Kazuyoshi Domoto
Through this capacity-building strategy, these long term goals will be met by JAS Georgia: 1. increased membership through community outreach in and outside the metropolitan Atlanta area; 2. expanded programs throughout the entire state of Georgia in line with the needs of current and prospective members; 3. increased staff; 4. long-term self-sustainability.

Japan-America Society of Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh, PA
Confluence: TRIAJE Three Rivers Initiative about Japanese Education (Year 1)
Project Director: Wendy Bennett
JASP will coordinate and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its current educational outreach initiatives and develop innovative ideas to guide it into the future. A full-time educational TRIAJE Coordinator will be hired to work closely with the Executive Director to oversee and execute the project, and fundraise to insure the sustainability of the position. The TRIAJE coordinator’s main task will be to restructure the current educational programming under one comprehensive umbrella.
Japan-America Society of Tennessee. Nashville, TN
Regional Outreach and Activity Centers in West and East Tennessee (Year 1)
Project Director: Leigh Wieland
By establishing these Regional Centers in West and East Tennessee, JAST seeks to build membership and program capacity in these areas. Providing localized services, timely information and engaging activities to members and the general public, JAST furthers its goals of increasing grassroots interest in and appreciation for Japan-Tennessee relations and nurturing cross-cultural partnerships, while also demonstrating the value of corporate and individual memberships, from which the Regional Centers will derive revenue to sustain the delivery of services and programs.
Japan-America Society of Washington, D.C. Washington, DC
The Japan-America Societies Festival Planning & Management Project
Project Director: Reiko Hirai
The project objective is for Japan-America Societies to learn from each other and produce a “best practices” handbook that can be used by all Societies for festivals.  The handbook will cover festival themes and content, organization, volunteer management, financing and sponsorship, and publicity.
Japan Society of San Diego and Tijuana. San Diego, CA  
New Staff Hiring-Membership/Communications Manager 
(Year 1)
Project Director: Aya Ibarra
JSSDT will create a new position for a Membership/Communications Manager, necessary to successfully implement all programs and to better serve JSSDT member corporations and individuals. The new position will allow the Executive Director and Program Director to focus on community relations and outreach, program coordination, and sponsor/donor cultivation, solicitation and stewardship.