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Japan America Society/Japan Society Capacity Building Grant 2022

Japan-America Society of North Carolina, Raleigh, North Carolina 
Strategic Planning for the merger of programs, membership and board leadership from disparate area organizations into the Japan-America Society of North Carolina 
Project Director: Mr. Tim Newlin 
To merge local Japan-related organizations’ leadership boards, membership, projects, public relations, and activities into a more manageable, centralized, coordinated and efficient umbrella under JASNC by hiring two new staff. 

Japan-America Society of Tennessee, Nashville, Tennessee 
JAST Staff and Board Strategic Planning and Fundraising Development 
Project Director: Ms. Madeline Adams 
To hire an outside consultant to lead the JAST Board of Directors and Staff through critical evaluation and revision of JAST’s current mission and strategic plan, and to evaluate JAST’s current revenue streams, funding sources, and membership structure. 

Japan-America Society of Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaii 
Japan-America Society of Hawaii Communications Project – Phase ll 
Project Director: Ms. Reyna Kaneko 
To support the hiring of a consultant to produce a brand style guide, “Communications Style Guide” which sets guidelines for communications within the organization. From the layout, colors, font style to the tone of the messaging, a Communications Style Guide establishes and maintains consistency with all communications from the organization. 

Japan-America Society of Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C. 
National Japan Bowl: Pandemic Recovery and Establishing Sustainability 
Project Director: Ms. Elece Smith 
To support reviving the National Japan Bowl ® by cultivating a strategic relationship with the Japanese Studies program at the University of Maryland, leveraging the Sakura Matsuri – Japanese Street Festival to enhance the National Japan Bowl participant experience, and expand inclusivity and accessibility of the competition by increasing support for Regional and Global Japan Bowl programs. 

Japan America Society of Iowa, Des Moines, Iowa 
Building Sustainable Financial Status for JASI 
Project Director: Ms. Yoko Tanaka 
To support securing the sound and sustainable financial status to help with the financial stability JASI needs to maintain the paid position of top leadership staff who develop fundraising plans that can be annually repeated and increase the volume of membership to build stronger support base of the organization including corporate membership. 

Japan America Society of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota 
2023 Obon Festival and Yosakoi dance workshop 
Project Director: Ms. Yoko Ueno 
To support preparation and execution of the Yosakoi Dance workshop and Obon festival and to increase the scale of JASM presence at the festivals by supporting two staff members. 

Japan America Society of Greater Austin, Austin, Texas 
Salary for Staff 
Project Director: Ms. Lindsay Nakashima 
To help fund the salary of the Executive Director to achieve their goals of launching the new language program to the Austin community and Austin’s corporate sector and to increase the membership by creating, implementing, and operating fun and educational programs. 

Japan America Society of Greater Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
Strategic Implementation Plan and Promotion for Diverse Programs 
Project Director: Mr. Rob Buscher 
To help produce a four-year Implementation plan to implement new programs as well as a marketing plan to promote JASGP’s evolving projects and programs that are related to Japanese, Japanese American and predominantly African American neighborhood residents in Philadelphia by supporting two staff members.