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Japan America Society/Japan Society Capacity Building Grant 2023 

Japan-America Society of Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaii 
Events and Programs Assistant 
Program Director: Reyna Kaneko 
To hire a full-time Events and Programs Assistant who will provide administrative support for the Director of Events and Programs so that the Director can concentrate her efforts on making JASH’s fundraisers even more successful which will lead to organizational sustainability.  

Japan-America Society of Oregon, Portland, Oregon 
Membership & Communications Coordinator 
Project Director: Graham Morris 
To hire a new membership & communications coordinator to change communication internally and externally, build community support and collaboration, find new ways to convene and facilitate, and develop internships and mentorship. 

Japan America Society of Indiana, Inc., Indianapolis, Indiana 
Membership Development and Communication 
Program Director: Theresa A. Kulczak 
To hire a new Membership Coordinator who will work with JASI Executive Director and Staff in identifying the current needs and interests of Japanese business facilities in Indiana, in researching contacts at companies which are potential corporate members. 

Japan-America Society of Central Ohio, Dublin, Ohio 
JASCO Fundraising Assessment and Enhancement 
Project Director: Seth Josolowitz 
To hire an outside fundraising advisor to assess JASCO’s current fundraising operation, membership benefits, and marketing materials with the goal of strengthening the fundraising capacity of JASCO and increasing membership and philanthropic giving in order to provide stable funding. 

Japan America Society of Colorado, Denver, Colorado 
JAS Colorado Strategic Membership Development Plan 
Project Director: Claudine Locascio 
To review, revise, and improve member benefits; create a strategic, specific and targeted plan for recruiting new corporate members; create a monthly membership engagement activity plan; offer new corporate-member events as tools for recruitment, engagement, and sharing member expertise. 

The Japan-America Society of Georgia, Inc., Atlanta, Georgia 
Japan Marketing & Outreach (J-MO) 
Project Director: Maki Murahashi 
To hire a marketing consultant and identify new staff to strengthen U.S.-Japan relations in Georgia and beyond. The J-MO Project will consist of 2 parts, creating a Marketing & Public Relations Strategy with the marketing consultant and implementing the plan through Membership & Program Outreach with a new Education and Programs Coordinator. 

Japan-America Society of Greater Austin, Inc., Austin, Texas 
Fundraising, Marketing and Program Development for Visibility and Sustainability 
Project Director: Lindsay Nakashima 
To continue to hire the executive director as a paid staff member to support the organization’s daily work to further build the organization’s capacity during the grant period, and to hire a fundraising consultant to increase the revenue for financial stability of the organization. 

Japan-America Society of Washington DC, Washington D.C. 
Membership Revitalization Project 
Project Director: Saori Kobayashi 
To design and distribute a survey to the existing membership, soliciting input on what the Society is doing well, where could be improved, and what broader desires members have of the Society, and to organize a staff retreat session for the purposes of assessing their current membership offerings and broader role in the community.