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Intellectual Exchange Discretionary Grants 2010

Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY
Policy Responses to Social and Demographic Changes in Contemporary Japan
Project Director: Kenneth Haig, Assistant Professor of Political Studies
This grant supported a panel at the 2011 AAS conference.  This interdisciplinary and international panel will discuss how (or whether) policymakers in Japan have responded to the socioeconomic and demographic changes that Japan has undergone in recent years.  

Baruch College, New York, NY
Japan’s Political Transition
Project Director: Gene Park, Assistant Professor of Political Science
This grant supported a panel at the 2011 AAS conference.  This panel will discuss the larger meaning of the tectonic shift in Japanese politics brought about by the 2009 election.  Specifically, the panel will discuss the origins of this historic shift, how it has shaped the organization of political parties and their relationship to interest groups, and the implications for policy-making. 

Columbia University, New York, NY
The Politics of Financial Crisis Response and Reform in Japan
Project Director: Kaoru Shimizu, Assistant Professor of Political Science
This grant supported a panel at the 2011 AAS conference.  It brings together discussants from the U.S. and Japan to discuss Japan’s post-bubble financial crisis in light of the global “great recession” of 2008.  

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
Urban Ecology in Asian Cities: Urban and Building Policies for Climate Change Mitigation in East and Southeast Asian Countries
Project Director: Ying Hua, Assistant Professor in Human Ecology
This grant supported a panel at the 2010 AAS conference.  This object of this panel is to discuss urgent environmental challenges from a city-level perspective.  Issues that will be discussed include local environment conservation, global climate change mitigation and adaptation.  

DePaul University, Chicago, IL
Innovations in Education in Asia: Private Sector Growth, Government Reform and Emerging Models of Best Practice
Project Director: Katherine Ibata-Arens, Associate Professor
The panel brings together researchers from Japan, the United States, China, and Canada to engage on the topic of innovations in education policy in the US and Asia. Discussions will include aspects of both private and public sector investments in this field. 

The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
Building Citizenship in Hard Times: The Citizen, The State, and Economic Crisis in Japan
Project Director: Erin Chung, Assistant Professor
This panel brings together researchers to discuss how economic and political crises shape state-society relations. The aim is to broaden the understanding of citizenship in Japan through analyzing how the state manages crises and how citizens respond to hard times in a comparative context. 

National Bureau of Asian Research, Seattle, WA
National Asia Research Program West Coast Symposium
Project Director: Michael Wills, Vice President, Research and Operations
This symposium will bring together the academic, business, and governmental communities to discuss issues of strategic importance to U.S. policy in Asia. Topics include U.S-Asia relations, globalization and regionalism in Asia, governance in Asia, and natural resource trends in Asia.

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, Greensboro, NC 
Old-Age Programs in Japan: Effects on Communities and People
Project Director: Yoko Crume, Assistant Professor
The panel brings together researchers from Japan and the United States to discuss the various national level programs for this aging society and the implications for and impact on the municipal governments and communities. Topics include Long-Term-Care Insurance program and its impact, local transportation issues, provision of assisted devices and home renewal, etc. 

Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
Out of the Ashes: Post-Crisis Recovery in Asia
Project Director: Daniel Aldrich, Associate Professor of Political Science
This grant supported a panel at the 2011 AAS conference.  This panel will bring together scholars on disaster recovery and crisis mitigation to discuss the factors critical for resilience and recovery.  

University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA
Institutionalizing Security and the Future of Regional Architecture in Eastern Asia
Project Director: Jacques Hymans, Assistant Professor
The panel brings together a diverse group of researchers pairing general theoretical frameworks with region-specific knowledge to analyze some of the current regional architecture such as ASEAN, the US-Japan Alliance, the role of Russia, etc. 

University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
Walking to School in Japan and the United States: How and Why Policies Differ 
Project Director: Leonard Schoppa, Associate Professor of Politics 
Walk to school rates have plummeted in the United States, while this mode of transport remains common in Japan.  This project seeks to understand how Japan has been able to maintain high rates of walking to school and why it is succeeded in doing so, while also discussing the problems that have challenged the system in recent years (e.g. safety concerns).