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Grassroots Exchange Discretionary Grants 2014

International Foster Care Alliance Seattle, WA  
Developing a Global Foster Youth Leadership Program
Project Director: Miho Awazu 
The purpose of this project is to establish the first ever “US-Japan Foster Youth Leadership Program”  that reforms both countries’ foster care systems and improves the lives of peer foster youth and foster care alumni. Both the US and Japan teams, will meet in Japan to conduct site visits and attend Youth Summits as well as provide policy recommendation presentations to government leaders. 

Sister Cities of Delray Beach, Inc. Delray Beach, FL  
Exchange Visit to Miyazu, Japan  
Project Director: David Schimdt   
Delray Beach will conduct a site visit to its sister city, Miyazu, in order to hold meetings surrounding expending  economic development and tourism between the two cities. In addition, the project aims to also identify artists, musicians and dancers to participate in a traveling festival which will occur in Delray Beach, Miyazu and possibly Moshi, Tanzania, which is another sister city between the two. 

Tuskegee University Tuskegee, AL   
Cultural Understanding through Design: A Joint Project for Kagoshima and Tuskegee  
Project Director: Roderick Fluker 
Architect students from Tuskegee University will travel to Kagoshima University to meet the faculty and students. From there, the students will visit potential design sites within Kagoshima prefecture, as well as to learn about the physical communities, historical contexts and museums. The students will then work collaboratively with Kagoshima University students to design and create architectural models, which will then be presented to the local community leaders in Kagoshima. 

Japan America Society of Tennessee Nashville, TN 
JAST West: Developing Communities of Practice for Japan Outreach in the Southern Tri-state Region
Project Director: Leigh Wieland    
This project aims to build and maintain Japan-related networks in the sourthern Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas tri-state region through outreach-based programs in order to increase the local communities’ understanding of Japanese culture. Such programs will include various educational programs and digitial, interactive resource materials aimed towards the local Japanese business community, K-12 students and the general public. 

Alabama A&M University Normal, AL
Cherry Blossom in the Fall: Japanese Culture and Clothing
Project Director: Ashley Simmons 
To kick off International Education week, the university will hold a 3 week Japanese clothing and cultural exhibit in November. In addition to the exhibit, a guest lecturer will speak about the influence of Japanese culture on Western fashion. The aim of this project will be to increase awareness and interest to the university and local community. 

North American Japanese Garden Association ( NAJGA) Portland , OR
NAJGA 2014 Biennial Conference – “New Pathways: The Role of the Japanese Garden for Society and Self” 
Project Director: Kanako Yanagi 
NAJGA will host its biennial conference at the Chicago Botanical Garden, for 3 days of lectures, panel sessions, and skills-building workshops focused on supporting the Japanese Gardens across North America. The conference theme will feature a lecture series on the emerging role of the Japanese garden in healthcare, and sessions on garden design and maintenance, education and cultural programming how to manage gardens.

University of Alaska Anchorage Anchorage, AK 
2014 Summer Institute 
Project Director: Hiroko Harada     
The Summer Institute was created for post-secondary teachers of Japanese in order to promote Japanese language education. For this project, 9 participants from the Summer Institute were selected to create a Japanese language textbook, with the theme based on “Disaster and Hope” and geared towards college-level intermediate learners. 

Japan America Society of Greater Austin Austin, TX 
JASGA’s First Gala
Project Director: Hajime Nakai
The Japan America Society of Greater Austin will host its first ever gala in order to establish a community of those interested in US-Japan relations in the area, as well as to initiate fundraising efforts and increase opportunities to approach potential corporate sources of funding. Guest speakers include Dr. William Tsutsui and Mr. Kenji Asakura, a specialist in community and urban design.

Japan Studies Association Saint Joseph, MO
Examining the Process of Seeking Peace through Mutual Understanding: Hiroshima and Nagasaki 1945-2015
Project Director: Fay Beauchamp    
This project will conduct a 9-day faculty development workshop in Nagasaki and Hiroshima aimed at promoting peace and mutual understanding through the remembrance of  the atomic bombings in these two cities. The workshops will include roundtable discussions, plenary lectures and study tours focuses on the role of these two cities in promoting peace and will feature experts from various professionals in these fields of study. 

Tennessee State University Nashville, TN
Japanese Cultural Festival and Exhibition
Project Director: Jewell Winn    
This project will hold a weeklong celebration on Japanese culture during International Education week. The Japanese Cultural Festival and Exhibition will feature the Consulate General of Nashville as the keynote global speaker, a JET Alumni panel discussion, a lecture about the influence of Japanese culture on Western fashion, a fashion show and tea ceremony. Participants will also be able to sample traditional Japanese cuisine during the festival, and will be open to high school students as well as students from other neighboring universities.