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Grassroots Exchange Discretionary Grants 2011

Japan America Society of Kentucky. Frankfort, KY.
Young Professional Outreach 
Project Director: Mariko Shimada 
This project will focus on outreach, networking, and program development for young professionals and will ultimately increase the membership of JAS Kentucky.  Further, the young professional program will provide opportunities for Americans and Japanese nationals in Kentucky to interact in organic and informal settings.

Japan America Society of Hawaii. Honolulu, HI.
Creating Japan America Society of Guam
Project Director: Kelsey Soma Turek
The Japan-America Society of Hawaii will assist with the creation of the Japan-America Society of Guam.  Initially JAS Hawaii will facilitate two networking events in Guam and invite Japanese and American leaders in business, government, academia, and military.  The first event will be a general networking opportunity to generate interest and discussion with key leaders around the creation of JAS Guam, and the second event will be a keynote speaker program with a senior leader from a relevant organization.

Japan America Society of Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh, PA
Midwest Japan-America Society Fundraising Seminar
Project Director: Donna Lee Siple
The Japan-America Society of Pennsylvania will host a fundraising/training seminar specifically designed for the JAS Midwest network and members of their respective Board of Directors.  The goals of the seminar include methods on incorporating sophisticated fundraising systems and techniques, strategies for expanding a donor base, and tips on how to collaborate on development in the region.