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Grassroots Exchange Discretionary Grants 2009

Neighborhoods, USA (NUSA). Little Rock, AR  
Japan Association for Community Policy (JACP) and NUSA Grassroots Counterpart Exchange
Project Director: Elton Gatewood
The objective of this proposal is to invite two representatives from the JACP to visit the US as a continuation and follow-up to the “Japan Exchange and Symposium on Japan-US Relationship, Civic Society, Roots of Global Governance” held in Japan in 2009. This program would further strengthen the relationship between JACP and NUSA by allowing the Japan counterparts to visit the US to share the experiences and findings from the previous workshop/symposium.

Calvert Foundation.
 Bethesda, MD
History & Development of Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Investing
Project Director: Jed Emerson
The proposed project is to invite a cognoscente to conduct a public symposium and closed workshops to share the experiences of Social Investment and Assessment of Social Impact with the Japanese audience in order to encourage Japan to promote venture philanthropy by private equity, venture capitals, and grant-making foundations. It is aimed to: 1) promote understandings about the social investment among donors, grant makers, inventors and entrepreneurs, 2) understand capacity building offering financial and technical support, and 3) introduce the practical methodology to measure social return.