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Grassroots Exchange Discretionary Grants 2008

Citizens Housing and Planning Council (CHPC). New York, NY  
A Fresh Look at Space and Housing Standards: A Best Practice Study 
Project Director: Jerilyn Perine 
The objective of this project is to raise awareness of an urgent housing issue in New York City and to examine best practices from other global cities, especially Tokoyo, to shed light on potential solutions. The issue relates to the availability of housing for single person households. Accordingly, CHPC will host a series of events (alongside publications) in New York throughout 2009. The events are designed to: showcase Japanese housing design innovation; inspire debate about the issue in New York; develop new regulations that would allow New York to use elements of Japanese innovation in our new housing stock; and promote the lessons learned to other global cities. 
Neighborhoods, USA (NUSA). Dayton, OH  
A Joint Exchange and Symposium on Japan-US Relationship “Civic Society, Roots of Global Governance”   
Project Director: Dr. Elton Gatewood  
NUSA will tour Hachinohe, Takko (Aomori-ken) and Kashiwa and Nagareyama (Chiba-ken) to attend various planned functions to meet with residents and government officials to discuss and review their current system of citizens’ participation and civic engagement. Offer recommendations on the importance of grassroots decision making. Develop a citizen participation process; if one does not exist, assist in developing one. If there is an existing system/process for citizen participation and civic engagement, recommend a multi-faceted approach to refining the process(es), expanding and encouraging openness and transparency in the decision-making process and the local level in the form of a written report.   
Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations (PANO). Harrisburg, PA   
Niigata Nonprofit Action Tou. 
Project Director: Joe Geiger
PANO’s project continues to facilitate educational and cultural exchange between professionals in Japanand the US. Specifically the Niigata Nonprofit Action Tour will contribute to the capacity building of Niigataprefecture’s nonprofit sector through fundraising and corporate responsibility. Activities are also designed to create a dialogue and networking opportunities among the business sector, cultural institutions, government and Niigata’s emerging nonprofit organizations. The crew from the US will benefit from the cultural exchange opportunities embedded in this visit, sharing with radio audiences and at town hall meetings upon their return to Pennsylvania.                        
Sister Cities International. Washington, DC
Creating Sustainable Sister City Partnerships: Japan-U.S. Model Programs
Project Director: Mr. Patrick Madden
Sister Cities International will host an all-day symposium on Asia for an audience of current sister city members with partners in Asia and those members looking to develop sister city relationships there. This pre-conference track will focus on the region’s rich culture and feature the signature Sister Cities programs and grassroots exchanges, the Japan-U.S. sister city partnerships, as a relevant model for developing successful Asian partnerships. 
United Planet. Boston, MA  
United Planet Global Volunteer Exchange: Bringing Together Youth and Civil Society to Address Common Social Issues, Foster Cross-Cultural Understanding & Promote Transnational Cooperation and Civic Leadership
Project Director: Dave Santulli
The objective is to facilitate an exchange between non-profit leaders from United Planet and NPO leaders, high school and university specialists, and association and corporation leaders in Chiba, Saitama, and Tokyo, Japan to strengthen and expand a collaborative grassroots network in order to address common social issues, foster deeper cross-cultural understanding, and bring about greater transnational cooperation. Simultaneously, the project will create a technology based platform to increase awareness and communications for United Planet’s network within Japan and provide a sustainable operational model for future establishment for United Planet as a Japanese NPO.