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Salary Assistance Grant for U.S.-Japan Community Grassroots Exchange Program 2020

Japan America Society of Colorado, Denver, CO
JAS Colorado Japanese Employee Salary Assistance
Project Director: Claudine Locascio
To hire a native Japanese speaker to fulfill weekly and monthly duties such as programming, communications, translations, event planning and management for Japanese cooking and calligraphy classes for audiences beyond Denver/Boulder regions and Japanese language education including local high school and university students, and to help train the incoming JOI coordinator for consistent cultural and educational programming.

The Japan-America Society of Georgia, Inc., Atlanta, GA
Georgia-Japan Grassroots Exchange & Outreach
Project Director: Makiko Murahashi
To hire a new staff member to develop programming and activities for cultural awareness and conduct educational outreach, especially in underserved areas of Georgia outside of Atlanta, coordinate online/in-person events that allow Japanese families to interact with other Georgians on a business, cultural, educational, political, and social level, and provide information resources.

Japan-America Society of Dallas/Fort Worth, Plano, TX
Japan-in-a-Suitcase Education Outreach Program
Project Director: Maiko Kobayashi Weidner
To implement updates on the existing Japan-in-a-Suitcase education outreach program about Japanese culture, traditional arts, school life, and daily life to change from in-person mode of learning to an engaging online format, and to expand the program for K-12 students in underserved areas of Dallas.

Japan America Society of Greater Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
Japanese Language & Cultural Online Program Outreach in Greater Cincinnati
Project Director: Anne Golden
To hire a new staff member to coordinate 42 high-quality (virtual) events, such as taiko and koto performances, Japanese cooking and sake tasting workshops, online networking events, other educational programs including 8 sessions of Japanese language throughout the year for expanded outreach and social media engagement, and enhanced relationships with partner organizations in Cincinnati and cultural experts.

Asian Studies Center, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
Future Japan: Cultural and Economic Connections
Project Director: Dr. James A Cook
To support a new program coordinator who will produce a new series of online seminars and programs named “20/20 Visions: Letters Without Words”; collaboration with JAS Pennsylvania and Maridon Museum for ikebana/kimono workshops; a VR experience of the Asia center; a high school speech contest; K-12 classroom visits; Japanese film screenings; Japanese Studies lecture series, and the inaugural “Asia Challenge High School Simulation”.

Japan Society of Boston, Boston, MA
Program Associate for “Bridging between Japan and the U.S.” program series for 2021
Project Director: Naoko Takayanagi
To support a dedicated Program Associate to lead programs that will promote a deeper understanding of Japan in the U.S. and nurture the next generation to lead U.S.-Japan relations. Programs include academic conversations about Anime, Hip Hop, Films, etc; conversations with Japanese leaders in various industries who will share the “real” Japan not often portrayed in quick news cycles; reports from author and journalist Roland Kelts on everything hip and current from Tokyo; and interviews with JET alums from every prefecture.

Japan-America Society of Houston, Inc, Houston, TX
Creating Circles of Leadership and Lasting Impact for JASH
Project Director: Patsy Brown
To support a new Program Coordinator who will create a Business Leaders Roundtable for Japanese and American business leaders in Houston and a Young Leaders Council to engage young Japan enthusiasts in grades 9-12. The Business Leaders Roundtable will be a monthly networking event that features an industry focus and a guest speaker. The Young Leaders Council is a new initiative for teens who will meet biweekly to learn more about Texas-Japan ties and work together to plan an event for Japan Festival Houston.

EngageAsia, Tarrytown, NY
Tradition and Change in Modern Japan: Virtual Tech Education Grassroots Exchange in Rural America
Project Director: Chisato Sakamoto
To support a part-time staff member who will direct new programs focused on helping youth, educators, and the general public in underserved communities in rural America (Vermont, New York, Arizona and Maine) to learn about traditional crafts and craftmanship in Japan. There will be monthly webinars, and in summer 2021, a U.S.-Japan Grassroots Craftsmanship/ Tech Education Workshop series; intensive sessions over four weeks for technical school teachers and students in rural VT, NY, and ME.

Hinoki Foundation, Inc., Ypsilanti, MI
CORE 25 (Comprehensive OutReach & Education 2025) Promoting Japanese-English Bilingualism and US-Japan Biculturalism for Social & Economic Benefit
Project Director: Dr. Anne Hooghart
To support a project coordinator who will increase cultural programming in conjunction with Japanese language programs for underserved K-12 students in the Detroit area. The innovative programming includes Japanese cultural experiences, such as cooking and festivals, and STEM education projects in a bilingual environment.

Yokosuka Council on Asia-Pacific Studies
Getting to Know Japan – Webinar Series
Project Director: John Bradford
To support a project coordinator who will create weekly webinars from leading Japan scholars and experts about introductory topics on Japan for the 110,000 Americans living in Japan as a part of the U.S. military presence.