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Education Grantees 2019

Midori & Friends, New York, NY
Journey to Japan 2019-2020
Project Director: Lauren Arencibia
To support expansion of the “Journey to Japan” curriculum to more schools and community venues across greater New York City. The program, structured as a trip to Japan, is 5-6 weeks and introduces students to the history, music, and culture of Japan. In addition to classroom lessons, students attend weekly, highly interactive workshops led by internationally acclaimed masters of varied Japanese art forms.

Japan Society, New York, NY
Japanese Cultural Programs for Children and Families
Project Director: Yumi Nagasawa
To provide interactive, educational and authentic Japanese cultural learning experiences for hundreds of children and families in the New York City area. This series of programs will include Japan’s Annual Festivities ‐ large‐scale weekend events, based on traditional Japanese festivals occurring throughout the calendar year, featuring musical and theatrical performances, workshops, storytelling, costumes, games, crafts, and food. Two new series of educational and interactive monthly programs will be created for families and children: Creative Play and Family Workshops.

Minnesota Kyudo Renmei, Northfield, MN
Learning through Mind and Body
Project Director: Carly Born
To explore the way that past samurai ideals have influenced the modern development of Japanese martial arts and society, Ogasawara Kiyomoto, of the Ogasawara-ryu School of Etiquette, Archery and Horsemanship will give lectures and a public talk as well as a kyudo training seminar. Both students at Carleton College and community members of Minnesota Kyudo Renmei will benefit from deeper understanding of the cultural background of kyudo, as well as the modern context of concepts of honor and etiquette as it is manifested in Japanese society.

University of Central Arkansas, Conway, AR
Central Arkansas OMATSURI Japanese Festival 2019
Project Director: Chiemi Shimizu
To increase awareness, understanding, and tolerance of Japanese culture in the community by sharing traditional art, food, and culture of Japan, and to connect Japanese and Japanese-Americans living in Arkansas with community members and build a sustainable relationship, through a Japanese culture festival. The festival will engage community members with music, dancing, and cooking skills to share their knowledge in festivals booths and stage shows as well as provide Japanese language learners a chance to build a larger network, especially between University students and community members.

Write Out Loud, San Diego, CA
World Kamishibai Forum – 2021
Project Director: Donna Tamaki
To build greater awareness in the US of Kamishibai, a unique form of Japanese storytelling, and to introduce US school children to traditional and modern Japanese stories, and to connect teachers, especially in underserved communities, with resources for using Kamishibai to teach literacy skills. A series of performances and webinars featuring Kamishibai performers from Japan and South America will be held online for free from Fall 2020 through Spring 2021 for teachers in the San Diego region and beyond.

Amherst Ballet Theatre Company, Amherst, MA
Blossoming Words, Blossoming movements: Dances to tanka poems
Project Director: Reiko Sono
To foster appreciation of the descriptive power of tanka poems by presenting dances choreographed to tanka poems at public schools and a local dance performance. K-12 students learn about tanka poems and their beauty, which will nurture their interest in aspects of Japanese culture not regularly represented.