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CGP Grant Program Grassroots Program 2020

Global Citizens Initiative, Greenwich, CT
GCI Japan Programs (Year 2)
Project Director: Dr. Rita Gail Johnson
In order to empower the next generation of young global citizens to create positive change, GCI will hold a fellowship program and professional development seminars for secondary students and educators. The programs will commence with a summit in the summer.

President and Fellows of Harvard College, Cambridge, MA
Promoting Disaster Education in High School and College Classes: Workshops on Using the Japan Disasters Digital Archive (Year 2)
Project Director: Dr. Andrew Gordon
To promote disaster education and digital literacy through the use of the Japan Disasters Digital Archive (JDA), by engaging librarians and teachers in college/secondary education in the U.S. and Japan through workshops about how to use JDA to create resources that can be brought back to their local communities, and discussions on how to incorporate 3.11 disaster education in a high school/college curriculum.

American Council on Education, Washington, DC
U.S.-Japan Higher Education Engagement Study (Year 2)
Project Director: Dr. Robin Matross Helms
This project aims to conduct a study that will examine US-Japan higher education partnerships and activities, resulting in a report of trends and analyses. ACE will partner with Japan Committee of Universities for International Exchange (JACUIE) and Japan Association of National Universities (JANU) to conduct qualitative and quantitative research and convene a binational working advisory group.

United States Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme Alumni Association (USJETAA), Washington, DC
Educating and Strengthening the JET Alumni Network
Project Director: Bahia Simons-Lane
To educate JET alumni about Japan and U.S.-Japan relations and connect them to the regional network of U.S.-Japan relations through a conference/reunion; and cultivate JET alumni and re-engage them with Japan through career support and mentorship programming.

Japan/America Society of Kentucky, Frankfort, KY
Japan/America Society of Kentucky Capacity-Building Project (Year 1)
David Carpenter
To create a modern, functional, service-oriented Japan/America Society of Kentucky that is financially sustainable year-on-year by consulting a Strategic Planner and to build organization capacity by hiring a Program/Assistant Director to lead and support volunteer efforts.

Japan America Society of Iowa, Des Moines, IA
JAS Iowa Capacity Building and Program Development (Year 1)
Project Director: Chie Schiller
To promote the understanding of Japan within the state of Iowa, especially in underserved areas with audiences that have not yet been exposed to Japanese culture and topics, and to foster collaboration with local nonprofit organizations and businesses to support US-Japan exchange by hiring a full-time executive director and providing educational seminars for Board Members to create a strong foundation of support.

Kizuna Across Cultures, Washington, DC
KAC network management platform and Career Panel 2020-2022 (Year 1)
Project Director: Ayako Smethurst
To create a network of KAC program alumni by building and promoting an online platform, and to cultivate the next generation of US-Japan leaders by hosting US-based and Japan-based career panels for alumni.

Japan-America Society of Central Ohio, Dublin, OH
JASCO Programming and Networking Expansion (Year 1)
Project Director: Dr. Benjamin Pachter
To extend the Japan-America Society of Central Ohio’s activities into West and Northwest Ohio, broadening the engagement network, increase membership in these regions, and build capacity for a more robust and diverse programming schedule on a larger geographic scale, by hiring a dedicated Program Assistant.