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CGP Grant Program: Grassroots Program 2019

Regular Grant Summaries 2019:

Global Citizens Initiative, Greenwich, CT
GCI Japan Programs (Year 1)
Project Director: Rita Gail Johnson
In order to empower the next generation of young global citizens to create positive change, GCI will hold a fellowship program, professional development seminar, and the GCI Forum, for educators, secondary students, policy makers, business people, as well as the public. The programs will culminate in a Japan Summit in Summer of 2019.

President and Fellows of Harvard College, Cambridge, MA
Promoting Disaster Education in High School and College Classes: Workshops on Using the Japan Disasters Digital Archive (Year 1)
Project Director: Dr. Andrew Gordon
To promote disaster education and digital literacy through the use of the Japan Disasters Digital Archive (JDA), by engaging librarians and teachers in college/secondary education through workshops about how to use JDA to create resources that can be brought back to their local communities, and discussions on how to incorporate 3.11 disaster education in a high school/college curriculum.

United States Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme Alumni Association (USJETAA), Washington, DC
Supporting the Next Generation of Japan Leaders through Professional Development and Virtual Engagement
Project Director: Bahia Simons-Lane
To nurture the next generation of Japan leaders by strengthening professional and career development, by adding and developing career components in the current webinar series to provide tailored career services to JET alumni in any location across the U.S. USJETAA will also host a conference to provide professional/social networking opportunities and mentorship.

American Council on Education, Washington, DC
U.S.-Japan Higher Education Engagement Study (Year 1)
Project Director: Dr. Robin Matross Helms
This project aims to conduct a study that will examine US-Japan higher education partnerships and activities, resulting in a report of trends and analyses. ACE will partner with Japan Committee of Universities for International Exchange (JACUIE) and Japan Association of National Universities (JANU) to conduct qualitative and quantitative research, and convene a binational working advisory group.

Japan America Society of Hawai’i, Honolulu, HI
Membership Development Project (Year 2)
Project Director: Lila Frisbie
In order to address the steep decline in their membership, the Japan America Society of Hawaii aims to address this decline in 3 ways: attracting young professional with relevant programming, engaging new corporate membership, and restructuring membership packages. In order to achieve this, JASH will hire a Membership Director to develop and execute a membership development plan during this project.

Japan America Society of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
JASM Outreach and Capacity Building Project – Toward Healthy Organizational Sustainability (Year 2)
Project Director: Rio Saito
In order to expand their vision as a resource for US-Japan relations within the Upper Midwest region, the Japan America Society of Minnesota will attract new and younger members to the organization, as well as expand programming through partnerships with various contacts in communities within the Upper Midwest region.

Japan America Society of the State of Washington, Mercer Island, WA
Grow Membership based on the Strategic Plan and Leveraging the Grassroots Summit in 2018 (Year 2)
Project Director: Dale L. Watanabe
To hire and train staff to grow and improve JASSW organizational capacity through a membership initiative leveraging the outreach to communities and companies during the 2018 Japan America Grassroots Summit and the follow up with the Grassroots participants to encourage membership and continued participation with the Society.