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Abe Fellowship Program 2018-2019

Heejun Chang
Portland State University
“Coupled Dynamics of Human and Flood Risks in Six Cities Across the Pacific”

Angelina Chin
Pomona College
“Assistive Technologies for the Elderly and the Disabled in Japan and China”

Misa Kayama
University of Mississippi
“Understanding the Experiences of Elementary School-aged US and Japanese Children with Disabilities to Inform Policy: Stigmatization and School Functioning”

Aynne Kokas
University of Virginia
“Border Patrol on the Digital Frontier: Japan, the United States, China, and the Global Battle for National Data”

Eriko Sase
Georgetown University
“Justice in End-of-Life Care: Bioethics and Human Rights in Aging Societies”

David Slater
Sophia University
“Refugee Support and Sustainable Social Integration in Japan and the US: The Role of the State and Civil Society Organizations in Tokyo and New York City”

Akiko Takeyama
University of Kansas/Lawrence
“Legal Ambiguity: Gender, Labor, and Justice of the Adult Video Industries of Japan and the US”

Koji Ueno
Florida State University
“Sexual Minority Young Adults’ Career Planning Process in the US and Japan”

Adrian Van Allen
University of California Berkeley
“Biobanking for the Future in Japan, France, and the USA: A Comparative Study of Preserving Biodiversity in an Age of Extinction”

Rie Watanabe
Aoyama Gakuin University
“A Comparative Study of Climate and Energy Politics in Japan, the United States, and Germany: Actors’ Beliefs and Paradigm Shift”