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Abe Fellowship Program 2015-2016

Todd Hall
University of Oxford
“Passions and Interests? Emotional Politics and Politicized Emotion in Sino-Japanese Relations”

Yoko Hayami
Kyoto University
“Dynamics of the Social Foundations of Care in the Era of Global Aging: Comparative Study between Industrializing Thailand and Post-Industrial Japan”

Ann-Elise Lewallen
University of California, Santa Barbara
“Nuclear Diplomacy: Comparative Civil Society and Development Aid Policy in India and Japan”

Isao Okada
The Mainichi Shimbun
“After the Carnival: How to Prevent Olympic Stadiums from Becoming White Elephants?Learning from Experiences in Asia, America and Europe”

Akira Okamoto
Okayama University
“Quantitative Analysis of Social Security Policies for Depopulating and Aging Societies”

Stephen Saideman
Carleton University
“The Role of Parliamentarians in Overseeing Armed Forces”

Miyuki Sasaki
Nagoya City University
“Effects of Web-based Communications Tasks on the Development of a Sense of Audience in Learners of Japanese as an L2”

Yusuke Tsugawa
Harvard School of Public Health
“Assessing Variation in Physicians’ Practice Patterns and its Impact on Quality of Card and Healthcare Spending in the U.S. and Japanese Contexts”

Hirotsugu Uchida
University of Rhode Island
“Quota-based Management for Small-Scale Coastal Fisheries: Towards Better Management of Marine Resources While Preserving Fishing Communities”

Masazumi Wakatabe
Waseda University
“The Role of Economic Journalism in Economic Crises: A Comparative and Historical Study in Japan and the U.S.”