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Abe Fellowship Program 2013-2014

Dana Buntrock  
Professor, Architecture
University of California, Berkeley    
“Energy and Architectural Innovation”

Setsuya Fukuda
Senior Researcher, Population Dynamics Research  
National Institute of Population and Social Security Research  
“A Comparative Study of Marriage Timing and Assortative Mating: Examining the
Reversal of the Educational Gradient in Marriage Formation in Japan and the
United States”

John Gilbert     
Professor, Economics and Finance
Utah State University       
“Quantitative Assessment of Trans-Pacific Partnership”

Ryo Horii          
Professor, Graduate School of Economics
Tohoku University           
“The Dynamics of US-Japan Current Account Imbalance: Focusing on the Difference
in the Saving-Investment Behavior over the Process of Economic Growth”

Hiroki Kondo    
Professor, Economics      
Sophia University
“Intergenerational Relationships within a Family and the Impact of Education
and Social Security Policies in a Globalizing Economy: A Comparative Research
between Japan and the U.S.”

Shoko Konishi  
Professor, Human Ecology
Tokyo University
“US-Japan Comparison of Biobehavior Factors Related
to Low Fertility”

Zhongjie Lin     
Associate Professor, School of Architecture
University of North Carolina, Charlotte
“Toward an Asian Sustainable Urbanism: A Comparative Study of Emerging
Eco-cities in Japan and China”

Pardis Mahdavi 
Associate Professor and Chair, Anthropology
Pomona College
“The Family Detention Complex: Human Trafficking, Parenting, and Immobilized
Migrants in Asia”

Anuradha Mukherji        
Assistant Professor, Geography, Planning, and Environment   
East Carolina University
“Planning Urban Recovery and Resilience: Comparing Land Use Policy and
Adaptation Initiatives after Catastrophic Events”

Hitoshi Shigeoka           
Assistant Professor, Economics
Simon Fraser University
“Comparison of Japan and the US Health Care Policy for Children”

Asako Maria Toyoda      
Associate Professor, Political Science         
Villanova University
“Investing Relations: Japan’s Financial Diplomacy and the Pursuit of Economic
and Security Interests”

Emi Uchida       
Associate Professor, Environmental and Natural Resource Economics  
University of Rhode Island
“Long-term Socioeconomic Effects of China’s Grain for Green Program”