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Abe Fellowship Program 2012-2013

Allison Alexy
Assistant Professor, Anthropology
University of Virginia 
“When Citizenship and Kinship Intersect:
Comparing Japanese and American Responses to Transnational Child Custody

Takashi Araki
Professor, Law Faculty
Tokyo University
“A Comparative Legal Study of Non-Standard
Employment Policies in the United States, Germany, and Japan: The Regulatory
Approach, Market Function Approach, and Options for Japan.”

Ken Haig
Assistant Professor, Political Studies
Bard College
“Family, State, and Society: Japanese and Korean
Family Welfare Policies in Comparative Perspective.”

Llewelyn Hughes
Assistant Professor of Political Science,
Department of Political Science
George Washington University
“Business-Government Relations and the Politics
of Climate Change.”

Yukihiro Kidokoro
National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies
“A U.S.-Japan Comparison of the Effect of
Population Migration on Cost-Benefit Analysis Applied to Urban and Transport

Tomoko Kinugasa
Associate Professor, Graduate School of
 Kobe University
“Population Aging, Education, and Economic
Growth: Comparative Research between Japan and the United States.”

Matthew Marr
Assistant Professor, Global and Sociocultural
Florida International University 
“Service Hub or Service-Dependent Ghetto? A
Comparison of Human Security at the Margins of American and Japanese Global

Nobuko Nagase
Professor, Graduate School of Humanities and
Ochanomizu University
“U.S.-Japan Comparison of Labor Market and
Internal Labor Markets and the Effect on Female Labor, Fertility, and Child

Sawa Omori
Associate Professor, Law and Public Policy
International Christian University
“Effects of the IMF and the World Bank on
Financial Policy Reforms: Comparing the Influence of the United States and
Japan on the IMF and the World Bank Programs.”

Craig Parsons
Professor, Economics
Yokohama National University
“Measuring Permanent and Transitory Effects of
Disasters on Trade: Econometric Studies on Japan and the United States.”

Nancy Snow
Professor, Communications
California State University at Fullerton
“From Operation Tomodachi
to No Nukes: Rethinking the Public in Japanese Diplomacy since 3/11.”

Yoko Yamamoto
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Research Associate,
Department of Education
Center for the Study of Human Development, Brown
“Social Stratification and Early Educational
Processes: Student Beliefs about Learning in Japan and the United States.”

Hyon Joo Yoo
Assistant Professor, Political Science
Trinity University
“Domestic Impediments for Alliance Cooperation:
A Comparative Analysis of Japan and South Korea in Relocating U.S. bases.”