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Abe Fellowship Program 2008-2009

Shin Arita
Associate Professor, University of Tokyo 
“Transformation of Employment Structure and Social Inequality in
Post-Industrial Countries: A Comparison of Japan, South Korea, and the United

Erin Chung 
Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins University
“Immigrant Incorporation in Ethnic Democracies: Citizenship Regimes and
Noncitizen Political Participation in Austria, Germany, Japan, and Korea”

Lauren Eastwood
Assistant Professor, State University of New York at Plattsburgh
“Civil Society in Global Environmental Governance: A Comparative Analysis of
NGO Participation in UN Environmental Policy Debates” 

Margarita Estevez-Abe
 Associate Professor, Syracuse University
“Comparative Political Economy of Married Women’s Work”

Takako Hikotani
Associate Professor, National Defense Academy
“Civil-Military Relations of Multilateral Military Operations”

Ying Hua
Assistant Professor, Cornell University
“Towards a Low-Carbon Building Sector in the Post-Kyoto Era: A Comparative
Study of Building Sector Policy Framework in Japan and the U.S. and the Policy
Impact on Emission Reductions”

Robert Knapp, Jr.,
Member of the Faculty, Evergreen State College
“Comparative Case Studies of Sustainable Commercial/Institutional Buildings”

Ken Masujima
Professor, Kobe University
“Development for Regionalism: Political Dynamics of Regional Development
Policy in Europe and South America and its Implications for Asia”

Salil Mehra
Professor of Law, Temple University
“Law, Harm and Cultural Cognition: An Experiment with Interactive Cartoons”

Toshiaki Miura
Editorial Writer, The Asahi Shimbun
“Historical Memory and Politics in East Asia: A Perspective from U.S.-Japan Relations”

Yuko Okubo
Postdoctoral Fellow, National University of Singapore
“The Localization of Multicultural Education and Second-Generation Chinese and
Vietnamese Immigrants: A Comparison of Japan and the United States”

Mika Shimizu
Visiting Fellow, East-West Center
“Designing Institutions for a Global Risk Management Approach in Asia: The
U.S.-Japan Initiative”

Michiko Ueda
Assistant Professor, California Institute of Technology
“The Effect of Minority Legislative Representation”