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Abe Fellowship Program 2007-2008

Vinod Aggarwal
Professor, University of California at Berkeley
“Toward a New Trade Architecture in the Asia-Pacific”

Keiko Funabashi
Professor, Shizuoka University
“The Effect of Family Policies on Gender Relations: A Comparative Study of the United States, Sweden, France and Japan”

Tom Ginsburg
Professor, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
“The Politics of Legal Reform in Northeast Asia”

Jacques Hymans
Assistant Professor, Smith College
“The Emergence and Persistence of the Non-Nuclear Weapons State Club: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis”

Miho Iwasawa
Senior Research Fellow, National Institute of Population and Social Security Research
“The Retreat from Marriage in Japan and the U.S. – Later Marriage, Divorce, Nonmarital Childbearing and the Well-being of Mothers and Children”

Yuko Kawanishi
Professor, Tokyo Gakugei University
“Midlife Depression and Social Interventions in the United States: Lessons for Japan”

Naoki Kondo
Assistant Professor, Yamanashi University
“Effects of Social Disparities on Health in Industrialized Countries: U.S.-Japan Comparisons”

Barak Kushner
Lecturer, Cambridge University
“Cold War Propaganda in East Asia and Historical Memory”

Megumi Naoi
Assistant Professor, University of California, San Diego
“Mobilizing Consumers: The Politics of Food Safety in the Global Economy”

Tomoko Okagaki
Senior Research Fellow, National Institute for Defense Studies
“Polarity, Polity, and Perceptions: Changing Sources of Stability in the Japan-U.S. Alliance”

Eiji Okano
Assistant Professor, Chiba Keizai University
“The Optimal Monetary and Fiscal Policy Mix in Economies with Twin Deficits and Twin Divergence”

Kim Reimann
Assistant Professor, Georgia State University
“NGOs, Transnational Networks and Regional Governance in East Asia”

Apichai Shipper
Assistant Professor, University of Southern California
“Immigration Politics in Japan, the U.S., and Sweden”

Rodney Smith
Associate Professor, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
“The Economics of Transboundary and Transnational Water Conflicts, and their Links to Economic Growth”