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Abe Fellowship Program 2006-2007

Daniel Aldrich
Advanced Research Fellow, Tulane University
“The Role of Civil Society in Post-Disaster Recovery”

Eric Brown
Assistant Professor, University of Missouri – Columbia
“Race, Caste, and Minority Middle Class Formation: The Cases of African Americans and Japanese Buraku People”

Yoko Crume
Assistant Professor, North Carolina A&T State University
“Comparative Study of Senior Housing with Long-Term Care Options for Japanese and American Middle Class”

Pepper Culpepper
Associate Professor, Harvard University
“Patient No More? Change and Informal Institutions in Coordinated Economies”

Christina Davis
Assistant Professor, Princeton University
“Adjudication and the Politics of Opening Markets: Trade Strategies of Japan and the United States”

Keiko Ito
Associate Professor, Senshu University
“Cross-Border M&As in the Service Sector: A Comparative Study of Japan and the United States”

Toshiya Jitsuzumi
Associate Professor, Kyushu University
“Broadband Infrastructure, Competition, and Network Neutrality: A Comparative Analysis of Broadband Development Policies”

Ayako Kano
Associate Professor, University of Pennsylvania
“Gender Equal, Gender Free, and the Backlash: A Comparative Study of Gender Policy Debates in Japan and the U.S.A.”

Tadahiro Katsuta
Visiting Researcher, University of Tokyo
“Can We Simultaneously Achieve Nuclear Nonproliferation and Civilian-Use Expansion?”

Takeshi Matsui
Associate Professor, Hitotsubashi University
“Interpenetration Process of Japanese and American Consumer Culture: A Comparative Study on Institutionalization of Foreign Consumer Culture”

Narushige Michishita
Senior Research Fellow, National Institute for Defense Studies (NIDS)
“Assessing Policy Effectiveness: North Korea’s Brinkmanship Diplomacy and Regional Responses”

Hyunjoon Park
Assistant Professor, University of Pennsylvania
“Single-Parenthood and Children’s Education in Japan, South Korea and the United States”

Franziska Seraphim
Assitant Professor, Boston College
“The Politics of Social Integration in Post-Occupation Japan and Germany”

Sheila Smith
Research Fellow, East-West Center
“China’s Place in Japan’s Foreign Policy Debate: Ideas, Agents and Issues in Remaking ‘Postwar’ Japan”