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Abe Fellowship Program for Journalists 2018-2019

Pamela Boykoff
Freelance Journalist
“Ending the Waitlist: Searching for a Solution to Japan’s Daycare Shortage”

Matt Katz
Journalist, News, WNYC & New York Public Radio
“Refugees In Japan: When A Global Crisis Comes Knocking, Will Doors Stay Closed?”

Peg Tyre
Freelance Journalist and New York Times Contributing Writer
“Changing University Exam and Changing Culture: Efforts to Reform Education to Prepare Japan for the Age of Automation”

Mikako Yokoyama
Staff Writer, Business News Department, The Mainichi Newspapers
“We Are Rated and Reconstructed by Big Data: Enjoying Convenience and Running Risks in Data Society, Considering the Current Field in the US”